Leveraging digital technology in your business

Recently I met a beautifully dressed lady walking alone along the street ‘speaking to herself’, occasionally moving her hands in the air; few years back the only conclusion would have been that this is madness in its early stage; but in 2015, no! It’s not madness, she is cool, just having a hearty phone conversion using wireless earphone. 

This is how much our world has changed courtesy of technology. Advances in technologies like the internet, social media, and mobile have changed our way of life and the fundamentals of doing business, business ideas that looked crazy yesterday are noble today; projects that appeared impossible yesterday are very feasible today.
The rate on of digital innovations is growing and there are bound to be more disruptive innovations tomorrow

This digital trend is like a mighty wave in the sea of business, you may not like it, but you cannot stop it. You can ignore it but at your own detriment.
As the business landscape becomes more and more digital, you will either be a victor or victim of the Digital wave.

Digitization is not just about using digital devices, it involves conceptual reorientation. It's not only about changing your tools, you also need to change your thinking.

I was in someone's office, I observed that when he receives email on his Ipad air, he prints it out via a wireless printer, then he picks his green parker pen, makes some notes (responses) on the print-out and hands over to his secretary to type the reply. That is #digital tool with analogue thinking. Such does not bring the advantages of technology

To gain from #technology you must think strategically then apply technology to your thought, upgrade your tools as well as your thinking.

Gaining real business advantage from technology is more than knowing about digital devices or buying them. It involves adopting specific transformative strategies and correctly applying them. These include;
• Vision – The top management needs to catch the vision, share the vision and get buy-in.
Road-map – There must be a digitization plan, with properly researched and defined action plans which must be followed.
Stakeholder Engagement – All stakeholders especially the staff must be engaged and carried along in the process.
Digital initiatives – the organization must come up with the right digital initiatives and invest the right technologies.
Skills – the relevant skills to implement the digital initiatives must be acquired.
Cultural Change – The people must understand and adapt to the new ways of doing things in line with the new realities occasioned by advances in technology.

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