by Ayoka

The issue of zoning of political offices has so much dominated Nigeria’s political debate. Though there are some merits of zoning in a multi-tribal nation like Nigeria, the demerits far outweigh the merits. There is therefore need to discard the issue of zoning.

Leadership is a serious business and should not be trivialized on the altar of zonal or sectional sentiments. We need to concentrate on competence and the capacity to deliver. If the truth must also be told even most our politicians do not believe in zoning as the only talk about it when they feel it favours their aspirations.

In sports (football) where Nigeria has sometimes put up very impressive performance, have we ever used zoning? Imagine the type of team we will have if we are to apply zoning to the National team.

If the teams where to be formed by asking every state to nominate one person (and the state that produces the coach cannot produce a player); it is obvious we would not have qualified for any international competition.

When Nigeria won the Olympic Gold medal in football, did any one bother whether the whole team members came from the same zone or state?

Government is a serious business and if we are to actually get it right we should rise above zonal and sectional sentiments and engage the most qualified and suited candidates for the various positions. We should assemble the best team irrespective of where they come from.

The major reason behind zoning is that political offices are being perceived as opportunities to partake in the 'sharing of the national cake' (looting of the nations treasury) instead of a call to service. This unfortunate psyche needs to be erased from our consciousness if we are to move forward.

We need to build our nation, we need to start baking national cakes instead of sharing national cake, and hence there is need for a serious team of technocrats, professionals and true leaders to form the government.


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appointment of ministers
by: Ben

It is not necessary to have a minister from each state.

Continue zoning for principal officers.
by: Austyne

Yes, zoning is the only way to keep a fragile polity like Nigeria safe. However, the presidency should be open to the most competent. The VP, Senate P/Deputy, Speaker/Deputy must be zoned to accommodate all Geographic zones.

I second the motion!
by: Bright

We need people who can perform, where they come from does not natter.

There are many Nigerians who are qualified, GEJ should shop for these highly talented and skilled Nigeria from the Internationa corpioration and from the pivate sector work in his Cabinet.

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