Dissolution of Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC

by Dan Emah
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

To fulfill the manifesto's promises of emergency employment creation, security solutions and others, We suggest that the present administration should carry-out a quick reform of its rural development policy whereby the presence Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) will be dissolved and replace by Rural Life Transformation commission (RLTC) with the Headquarters in Abuja and Zonal offices in the Geo-political zones of the country and state offices in all states Capitals.

The commission should be funded from;
10% of monthly crude oil proceeds
10% of Annual recurrent budget allocation
3% of the profit of private organizations before tax.

Target projects areas;
Health Care
Skills Acquisition and entrepreneurship
Vocational and adult education.

The fund should be managed and disbursed by selected commercial banks to work with the procurement Department of RLTC for effective projects execution accountability

This reform according to my research will help to resolve the security and poverty situation in Nigeria.
We think with the take-off point of this administration especially in the monetary policy initiatives such as the slashing of the jumbo salaries of government and elected official to a realistic size, there is hope for Nigerians. We are ready to give details of this evidence based research to work with this administration to bring smiles on the faces of Nigerians who jointly demonstrated their belief in the Nigerian promise during the election that brought Buhari and Osinbajo to champion the course of Change that Nigerians desperately needed.
Good luck Buhari/Osibajo!
Long live Nigeria!
Linkway Diplomats INC
6405 Church Street
Riverdale GA 30274

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