DSS official beating a child at the park

by Aniks Temi

Good evening,

I would like to report a complaint about a DSS official who beat up my 9 years old son.
I was at the Millennium Park with my family today 26th of December. My child was on one of the swings provided for children. This man in black was suddenly chasing children all around. I was a bit surprised as to why this would happen with children. My son was on one of these swings and thw man rushed toward him and started hitting and kicking. I rush towards him screaming.
I believe mostly childrenplaying in this area. There really shoild not be such a display of violence. In th process of rescuing my son from this man a woman who said she was related to him had a confrontation with me. Some men intervened and one of these men si this DAS official had slapped him. Please this is great injustice in a park for children. I would like this office to look into itand bring this official to justice. I have picture of this man attached, Thank you.

Best Wishes

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