Dullion Suites, Maitama

by Meg

Wow, what a find in a great rate, secure, serene, luxurious, all with an American style bed & breakfast theme. We stayed there recently (Mar/Apr 2014) and had a great time. There's only 10 luxurious rooms, the pricing is soooo reasonable, and all situated within safe Maitama (we were even walking the streets at night because its so secure).... Great for a wedding or a conference, and you get that one on one attention because its small but still like a great hotel. They gave us free breakfast (the food is great!!try out the Pepper Soup before you leave)....they have a jazz night the first Fridays of the month, and there's plenty of free wifi, and the location is so convenient, you can catch a taxi on the street within seconds.... A great hideaway in sweet Maitama that you need to check out on your next visit to Abuja.

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