Duplex asokoro, maitama,gwarimpa

by Denis

A 5 terraced duplexes with 8roomBQ in maitama for sale it on the same street with the governor of edo state land asking 1.5billion size 3600sqm,for interested buyers please contact denis on 08038274461. 2.5 hectares in asokoro for hotel use with C of 0 asking price 2.5billion, a 5bedroom duplex in asokoro @ nelson mandela street size 3500sqm with C of O asking price 350million,a 3bedroom with a bq in kado lake view home block of flat am directly to the owner asking price 55million,a 3bedroom bungalow with bore hole and 1bedroom and a selfcon fence round in a compound for sale asking price 50million in gwarimpa am directly to the owner. For more info call 08038274461

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most people that invest in them lose their money