Earn N500K Every Month With Nigerian Emails Database

by Akin Emmanuel

N500k-A-Month Nigerian Email Database

N500k-A-Month Nigerian Email Database

The time has come for you to sell until you’re tired. Your season for demand for your product and service to exceed supply has finally come. Forget that artificial phenomenon called recession no matter how biting it seems to be.

Why all these bold claims – even speaking with the assurance of a sure word of prophesy? The answer is simple.

I’m making available to you a tested and proven freshly updated database of Nigerians who are ready to pay for your product or service in just moments from now if you’d only inform them.

These are people who have already demonstrated that they’re cash/transfer-ready, having shown their ability to pay for what they want when they want it.

Most also have internet or mobile banking enabled which means nothing can hinder them from paying you even if it’s 9 pm on a week day or 12 noon on week end!

Yes indeed!!! I’m writing about…

1. Over 600,000 Active Emails addresses of online shoppers in Nigeria (those who buys
stuffs regularly on JUMIA, KONGA, KAYMU, DEALDEY etc)

2. 10,000 Online Shoppers Phone numbers and email
3. Individual emails
4. Top corporate business organizations emails
5. Nigerian businesses and their emails
6. Nigerian Churches emails
7. Nigeria Internet users Email
8. Events planners’ email
9. Nigeria Job Seekers emails
10. Nigerian Facebook Users Emails
11. 160,000 High net worth Individuals emails Database and HR managers
12. 53,000 Nigerian Companies/ Business Database with full details ( Name,
13. Address, Phone No, Emaill address etc )
14. 80,000 Medium to large scale businesses e-Mail Database-of SMEs-
15. ( 0ver 50,000 entries) Real Estate Emails & Its GSM Database-----
16. (2,215 Entries) Engineers eMails & Its GSM Database
17. 17,000 GSM Business Owners In Surulere, Ikeja, Island & Amumo Odofin Lagos State
18. 880,000 active Working Class

Emails addresses in Nigeria
19. 500,000 active General Internet users' emails addresses in Nigeria
20. Over 600,000 active Business details in Nigeria (Names, Phone Nos, & Emails)
21. B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) Nigerian emails
22. Nigerian Hotels email addresses
23. 50,000 active emails & phone numbers of top senior and co-operate executives in Nigeria
24. 39,009 Lagos Students Active Emails address
25. 65, 536 Nigeria active emails nationwide
26. 52,140 (Business School Alumni in Nigeria)
27. 20,000 active classified contacts of Co-operate Executives in Nigeria
28. And much more.

Whether you want to sell the database to others or use it to promote your business for maximum profit or to raise capital, you will achieve unbelievable results and I'm offering this database to you at a very affordable price.

Just call me now on 08038441020 or 08056783845 and your copy will be delivered to you in less than 5 minutes

SELLING BY FIRE is all about identifying strong desires in these beloved Nigerians and directing it unto your product and service which happens to be the valuable fulfillment of
that need. Order your copy now, transform your business in minutes and thank me later.

Get ready for Zero-inventory where your goods are already bought and profitably paid for before you have them in stock.

PS: Order your copy of the Nigerian Email Database today and you’d receive the Abuja and
Lagos GSM database categorized by Name, L.G.A and Gender as at no extra cost to you.

I’d also show you a simply but highly effective way to send 40,000 customized emails with
just a single click and free of charge while also tracking open rate, clicks and other vital metrics. Meanwhile, each of your messages will deliver to the inbox for maximum effectiveness

Speaking of SELLING BY FIRE : N500k PER MONTH – that’s just the beginning!

Order today and remind me to include a special bonus on how to start your dream business with N374 only (Three Hundred and Seventy Four Naira Only).

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by: Mr. John

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Database price NEW
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Database price NEW
by: Anonymous

U didn't add price

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Whats Price

by: Anonymous


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