Electricity Commission to Sanction Abuja Power Firm Over Illegal Tariff

by Premium Times

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is to sanction Abuja Electricity Distribution Company for unauthorized hike of tariff to electricity customers in the zone.

The Commission said the electricity distribution company increased, by about 1,100 per cent, tariffs through estimated bills sent to its customers.

The Commission said in a statement that the enforcement notice has already been sent to the distribution company based on series of investigations and close monitoring of the companies whose customers noticed unusually high bills in the last quarter of 2014.

The notice said the distribution company tripled its customers' bills for September and October 2014 without evidence of a commensurate increase in electricity supply within the same period.

The company refused to send to the Commission a report on estimated billings issued in every billing circle as provided under Section 9 of the methodology for estimated billing regulation 2012.

Though other companies were also culpable of a similar offence, by issuing estimated bills to their customers, the Commission said the Abuja firm displayed "manifest and flagrant breaches of approved methodology for estimated billing of electricity consumers"

Though the affected companies were invited to clarify their decisions to issue estimated bills, the Commission said the Abuja distribution company decided to impose arbitrary and random figures on its customers.

The tariffs issued between October and December 2014, the Commission said, ranged between 18 and 28 per cent, while in some cases, as high as 1,100 per cent contrary to the provisions of the estimated billing law.

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