Enemies of progress.

by francis
(C.R.S Nigeria)

First of all, I want to comment the effort of our president GOODLUCk JOHNATHAN for coming out with lots of measures in tackling so many political issues in Nigeria. I want to clearly say that the people handling certain projects that is to improve our infrastructure and also the people that are chosen to coordinate these empowerment schemes, for instance, the NDDC empowerment programme,the Amnesty programme etc, are not helping at all, in fact I see them as enemies of progress. They keep frustrating the good efforts of the Federal government. So many youths were sent to Delta State 2007 ,2008,2009 etc for Agric training programme with a hope that Government would empower those youths financially to start something, but up till now there's nothing to show. I would not say that the Federal Government has not given the money, I strongly believe that the Government has approved and sent the money to NDDC, but those people coordinating the project are using the money to buy their girl friends cars etc. Please the Federal Government should look into this matter.

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