Fastest Growing Abuja Team of Meridians Life Support Foundation


Did you know that....

...People like you and me have been benefitting from free skills acquisition and medical services? humanitarian services and Human Resources Management?

...Over 63 people like you and me will be awarded SUVs come October 29th
And so much more....only with a one time payment of 4,000 Naira?

It's called Meridians Life Support Foundation.(MELISFON)

I belong to a very fast MELISFON team that is interested in raising 15 millionaires by December.

1.I and my team will personally coach you on how to succeed in this business within the shortest period of time because YOU are our priority.

2.We organise regular seminars, give you strategies on how to build your network.

3.Spillover is guaranteed.

4. Don't be discouraged if you're the shy type, we liase with your prospects on your behalf

5. Balancing your leg/level is not mandatory

6. The bonuses to be earned include:

As the name implies, you get N1m each as any of your downlink from Executive diamond (either your direct sponsor or spillover) join you till infinity

You get a matrix bonuses ranging from N20,000 to N600,000 as you complete each stage

You get a stepout bonuses ranging from N2,000 to 20,000 as each of your downlink join you in the next stage, either your direct sponsor or as spillover.

You can easily complete a particular stage because you’ll be the one to control where a particular downlink should be placed in your genealogy unlike other MLM where the system does that.

8.Your earning in MELISFON e-wallet is transferable
to your local bank account within 24-48 hours upon a request for withdrawal.

You need less number of people (14 downlinks) to complete each stage (2×3 matrix system) unlike other MLM with 2×5 matrix system, where 62 downlinks are needed or 2×6 matrix system where 128 people/downlinks are needed to complete each stage …you know those MLM.

10. No selling of any products

11. The five stages involved are:
FEEDER: 6 referrals, introduce a minimum of 2 people, any excess causes a spill over (N3,600 or N6,800)

BRONZE: (48,000 plus android phone)

GOLD:(120,000 plus iPad, tablet or HP laptop)

DIAMOND:( 584,000 plus Dubai trip and Hyundai Elantra 2016 worth N4 million)

EXECUTIVE DIAMOND: ( 880,000 plus Hyundai jeep worth 5 million)

INFINITY: (as the name suggests N1million till infinity)


Pay into GTB 0223513517 Melisfon Nig Ltd.

Then Please send the following details to : or send the message to

1. Name of depositor
2. Amount deposited
3. Date of Deposit.

Note: your epins expectation is 24hrs of working days. And u will get it through the same email you used to send the message

After you receive your e-pin, use this link to register.... You can call/whatsapp 08169705257 and I'll walk you through the registration process personally. My team can also handle your registration to ensure your correct placement in the genealogy

This is not an opportunity for everybody, you can't fold your hands and become a millionaire overnight.. You have to be ready to work

Serious minded people can call/whatsapp 08169705257.

Visit for more info

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most people that invest in them lose their money