Federal/State Pensions and Gratuities Payment

by Ayatu Musa
(Kogi, Nigeria, Ankpa)

Brekete Family should help us talk to BUHARI as to come to our aid for the payment of gratuity especially states of the Federation. How can a staff retired for almost 10 to 15yrs no payment of gratuity to the retiree, how can he build his own house when he have fear of God at heart did not embezzle money, instead of quickly pay his gratuity the leave him to die out if poverty. Mr. Ordinary Presido should help us out of this our predicament and talk to Mr. BUHARI our President to make money available out of looted fund to do for the sake of Almighty God to the States as loan for that purpose so that we should be paid accordingly. Mr President should note that we all trusted him he can do it that is why we all voted for his victory. Long live Brekete family, Long live Kogi State,long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

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