Fight against Corruption

by Uche Azuike

I commend the governments effort to fight the edemic corruption epidemic in the country but i have concerns in t emanner the issue is being addressed.

It remains obvious that most past politicians are still going about enjoying their loot. No one is questioning how they obtained funds to live in palaces and drive expensive cars. This is mainly with people who held offices from the time of Babangida to Johnathan Goodluck. Babangida, who baptized corruption in Nigeria is a free man today.

The recent purchase of private jets by state governors whilst pensions are still unpaid etc.

Till today, Nigeria does not have a psychiatric hospital yet several Nigerians are serving abroad whilst out mentally unwell citizens are allowed to languish.... most of them feeding from the dust-bin. This is appalling. There are too many Nigerians with experiences in this field still practicing abroad. What is the government doing to harness these skilled Nigerians who can make a difference to the system and set the pace for other nations in the sub-region.

What happened to the plans to dredge the Niger and build a port in Onitsha, to minimize the pressure on Lagos Wharf?.. another good governement initiative thrown to the dogs.

I voted Buhari because of his leadership qualities from when he was a military head of state. The famous war against indiscipline was a success. Why can we not awaken it and use it like before. His main politician slogan was unemployment and commitment to Agriculture. Today, touts fill the streets of Nigeria extorting innocent motorists etc. These people can go to the farm and produce food instead. Why is the government reluctant to ban touting.

The custom department has let us down over the years. Arms are being imported to the country freely as the culprits have someone in power or are in control of substantial cash. Why can't this sector not be privatized.

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