FlexiSAF Edusoft Ltd.

by Rahama Obadaki

FlexiSAF Edusoft Ltd. is a Nigerian based software development company founded in 2007 with a focus on the education sector. The educational technology (or edtech) company is based in Abuja, with branches in 5 other states across the country.

FlexiSAF provides education technology solutions including school management software, e-learning services, record management systems for colleges, computer based test application, Education data monitoring platform for the government and more. FlexiSAF has processed over 53,000 school transcripts and over 800,000 results. The company also houses over 100,000 student records and provides solutions to about 700 schools and 20 tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


Phone Number: 07059887123, 08034048850, 09096731419

Address: No. 25 Ibadan street, Area 3, F.C.T Abuja.

Working Hours: 8am-5pm/Mon-Fri

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