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Edwina Aniko, the Site Manager of Trademoore Estate, has blamed the recent flooding in the area on indiscriminate refuse disposal which blocked the drainage system.

Ms. Aniko told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Tuesday that poor refuse management by neighbouring estates was a major contributor to the problem.
No fewer than 50 houses were affected by the flooding, which occurred in the early hours of May 5 following a downpour that submerged the main bridge in the estate at Lugbe, Abuja.
According to her, the waste materials blocked the drainage channel built by the developer at the entrance of the bridge.
“The drainage was blocked with heavy refuse and fallen palm trees, and when the heavy rain came, there was no passage for the water, which consequently flooded few houses.
“Also, the residents had taken over the management of refuse and other facilities in the estate.
“If they allow us to do it, we will manage it properly.
“If the developer is on ground, he manages the facilities, including the refuse disposal; but it is not the same in Trademoore. It is done by the estate authority and they are not doing it well.
“If you look around that drainage, you will see some polythene bags; these and many other waste materials caused the blockage to our drainage
“There are some construction works going on down the Trademoore Estate; so we discovered that the floods came all the way from Apo and Lokogoma.
“The floods carried fallen trees and logs from those estates and brought them here; but we have been able to remove those logs from the drainage.’’
According to her, the developer has started expanding the drainage channel to be able to retain excessive water in case of any future floods.
Meanwhile, a correspondent who visited the estate observed that some houses had been marked by the Development Control Department.
The marked houses were among the 50 affected by the flooding.
Ms. Aniko, however, appealed to the FCT Administration to examine the issue properly, saying that demolition was not the solution to flooding.
She said that the developer had already engaged the services of environmental experts to effect corrective flood control measures in the estate.
In a separate interview, Kalu Emetu, the Public Relations Officer, FCT Development Control Department, said that the houses were marked to enable the authority to carry out some investigations on the recent flooding.
“Those houses that were marked is not an indication that they would be demolished; it is an indication that something went wrong.
“If the (developer) corrects what went wrong, the houses would not be demolished.’’ he said.


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Nov 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

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Aug 02, 2016
by: Dr. A. O. Adesope

Please help us to beg Edwinner not to allow our investment to go down the drain. There is flooding behind the fence of house 63, Imo street and this is not due to refuse.
We have been to her many times and she is so nonchalant.
She should give her job a human face.
With her attitude I can never recommend anybody to buy property from Trademore estate.
In the last 2 months, we have paid for the clearing of the soakaway twice at 30,000 each.

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