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Fohow products is traditional medicine that work for all kinds of disease such as cancer, diabetes heart attack, hypertension, stroke, kidney diseases, migraine hormonal imbalance, liver problem rheumatism, anemic, dislocation, asthma,, fibroid, epilepsy, eczema, diarrhea, alcohol consumers, constipation, menstrual pain etc. Use Fohow products to treat diseases

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Sanbao Oral Liquid
1-It is used just as oral liquid “Phoenix”. “
2-Sanbao” has a much better effect in the cases of hepatitis B and C, rheumatoid polyarthritis, diabetes.
3-Oral liquid “Sanbao” is developed on the basis of the oral liquid “Phoenix”, having added the newest industrial substance – Mountain ant, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger) extract.
4-In every bottle of the final product there is approximately 300-307 of ant extract.
5-When producing the preparation, ants were inactivated by freezing, and besides, in order to split the cell membranes, subnanometric technologies and crioextraction was used, this enabled to use up to 98% of the valuable initial substance (Mountain ants).
6- “Sanbao” is similar in its content to oral liquid “Phoenix”, but Cordyceps concentration in it is larger and reaches 80%.
7-It reduces bronchial obstruction and improves blood circulation in the respiratory system and lower pelvis organs, normalizes the function of the urogenital system organs, regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
8-Usage indications and duration in the cases of different diseases Rheumatoid polyarthritis and other joint diseases – for several months; Hepatitis B and C – for several months;
9-Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes complication prevention – for several months; Respiratory organ diseases: bronchitis, especially chronic, pneumonia, lung emphysema, bronchial asthma – beginning with several weeks up to several months.
10-In the cases of lung tuberculosis the course is longer; rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis – dripping a few drops into an ear or nose twice a day until the symptoms disappear.
11- Also, one should take the preparation from several weeks to several months in the cases of
all urogenital diseases, especially of men, prostate hypertrophy and adenoma, reduces potency, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation; for women – nycturia, menstruation cycle disorders, pains in the pelvis area – for several months.
11-Pre cancer diseases and malignant tumors, especially during the course of chemo- and radiotherapy, continue the use after the treatment course with oral liquid “Phoenix” – 1 – 2 packages; increased amount of lipids, cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood – no less than 2 months, or until a normal laboratory analysis result is achieved; Many other chronic diseases, when preparation “Phoenix” can be used, too – courses from a couple of weeks up to several months.
12-Doses for adults Minimal curative dose of oral liquid “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” is 5ml a day. If it is necessary the preparation dose can be increased up to 2 bottles (60ml) a day (in such cases the preparation is usually taken twice a day – in the morning and evening). One should pay attention to the fact, that a preparation dose has to be increased gradually, in order to avoid possible exacerbation and when traditional medication is used.
13-Notes: For adults who suffer from respiratory diseases, bronchial obstructions, the preparation dose is increased from 2ml by 1ml every day, until a clinical effect is achieved, that is, suffocation is reduced, and expectoration is increased. The appointed preparation doses are used up to two months.
14-For teenagers oral liquid “Sanbao” should be prescribed very carefully, because it stimulates urine and sexual system blood circulation.
15-In the cases of oncological and hematological diseases it is recommended to take liquid Cordyceps forms in turns or take oral liquid “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” simultaneously.
16-In the cases of endocrinal and urogenital system, encephalon oncological diseases one could also take “Linchzhi” capsules.

Main ingredients:
Chinese Cordyceps – 80%,
Linchzhi – 8.0%,
Mountain ant extract, Shiitake, Himalaya honey.
Package contents: 4 bottles, 30 ml each

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Jan 25, 2018


The Healthy Vagina

The vagina serves as a passageway between the
outside of the body and the inner reproductive
organs. The pH balance of the vagina is acidic,
which discourages infections from occurring. This
acidic environment is created by normally-
occurring bacteria. A healthy vagina produces
secretions to cleanse and regulate itself, similar to
how saliva cleanses and regulates the
environment of the mouth. These vaginal
secretions are normal vaginal discharge. Any
interference with the delicate balance of vaginal
secretions sets up an environment conducive to

Normal Vaginal Discharge

All women have some vaginal discharge. Normal
discharge may appear clear, cloudy white, and/or
yellowish when dry on clothing. It may also
contain white flecks and at times may be thin and
stringy. Changes in normal discharge can occur
for many reasons, including menstrual cycle,
emotional stressors, nutritional status, pregnancy,
usage of medications – including birth control
pills, and sexual arousal.
Effects of the Menstrual Cycle
The menstrual cycle affects the vaginal
environment. You may notice increased wetness
and clear discharge around mid-cycle. The pH
balance of the vagina fluctuates during the cycle
and is the least acidic on the days just prior to
and during menstruation. Infections, therefore,
are most common at this time.
Signs of Abnormal Discharge
Any changes in color or amount of discharge may
be a sign of a vaginal infection. Vaginal infections
are very common; most women will experience
some form of a vaginal infection in their lifetime. If
you experience any of the symptoms below, this
may be a sign of vaginal infection:
Discharge accompanied by itching, rash or
Persistent, increased discharge
Burning on skin during urination
White, clumpy discharge (somewhat like cottage
Grey/white or yellow/green discharge with a foul
Outlined below is basic information on three
common vaginal infections
Bacterial Vaginosis – The exact cause of bacterial
vaginosis is unknown. Similar to a yeast infection,
there is an overgrowth of bacteria, and the
delicate balance of the vaginal environment is
upset when these bacteria occur in increased
amounts. Recurrence of bacterial vaginosis is
common and bacterial vaginosis can coexist with
other vaginal infections. Women that have
multiple partners or receive oral intercourse are at
an increased risk of acquiring bacterial vaginosis.
Signs and Symptoms
Increased amount of discharge
Grey/white, thin, watery discharge
Foul/fishy odor with discharge
Increased odor to discharge immediately after
Nearly half of the women with bacterial vaginosis
don’t display any symptoms.
Trichomoniasis – This infection is caused by a one-
celled protozoan organism. Trichomoniasis is
almost always spread through sexual contact.
However, the protozoan organism can survive for
up to twenty-four hours in a moist environment,
making wet towels or bathing suits possible
instruments of transmission from someone with
the infection.
Signs and Symptoms
Most men and some women don’t display any
symptoms, which may include:
Yellow/green, frothy, discharge
Foul odor with discharge
Increased amount of discharge
Inflammation of vulva/vagina
Increased frequency of urination
Monilia (Yeast) Infection – There is normally a
small amount of yeast (Candida albicans) present
in the vagina. A yeast infection occurs when there
is an overabundance of yeast, often caused by a
change in the pH balance of the vagina. Yeast
infections are not usually sexually transmitted.
Some factors that may increase susceptibility to
yeast infections
Increased stress
Use of oral contraceptives
Use of antibiotics (protective bacteria are
destroyed by antibiotics, allowing yeast
Signs and symptoms
Increased amount of discharge
White, clumpy (cottage cheese-like), discharge
Redness, itching, burning in vaginal/vulvar area
How Can Vaginal Infections AffectFertility?
If you only get a yeast infection once or twice a
year and it is easily treated by home methods,
you are probably fine and the only way it will
affect your fertility is by making you so
uncomfortable from itching and slight burning
you will not want to have sexual intercourse.
Remember that yeast infection can be passed on
to your partner; so it is best to avoid sexual
contact while you have a yeast infection or any
type of vaginal infection.
Recurrent vaginal yeast infections cause the
internal vaginal flora to become unbalanced
which may make it harder for the sperm to reach
the uterus. Sperm is not killed by overgrowth of
Candida, but because the infection changes the
consistency of the cervical mucous, it may make
it more difficult for the sperm to reach the
cervical opening.
If you have a vaginal yeast infection, it is highly
likely you have an intestinal imbalance of Candida
as well. This is often caused by poor diet. Because
the digestive system is connected to areas of
women’s bodies right near the opening of the
vagina, the candida overgrowth may be spread
through those areas of the body as well and vise
versa through wiping after using the toilet. This
means that what you eat contributes to yeast
overgrowth as well, especially in the intestines. If
you have yeast overgrowth in your intestines, this
may affect proper absorption of the nutrients of
the food you eat. We all know how important
proper eating habits and regular consumption of
whole foods are to fertility, so Candida may affect
the digestive system contributing to an
imbalance of proper absorption and digestion of
food. Intesitinal Candida is attributed to poor diet.
An imbalance in the vaginal flora impairs the
vaginal mucosa’s ability to fight off other
infections or diseases, which may lead to other
fertility issues later in life. Having a yeast infection
is difficult on the body’s immune system and if
you have other fertility issues you are trying to
heal, it may make it harder on your body if it is
constantly fighting Candida overgrowth.
If you do not treat your yeast infection before
your baby is born you can pass the infection on to
your baby.
Treatment For Vaginal Infections/Abnormal
If you have been diagnosed of a vaginal infection
and you have gone through a lot in getting it
treated, I will advice you have a look at the
Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Remedy Kit. In fact,
just one of the products in the Kit is what a
woman with 4 years of yeast infection used and
the infection cleared in about just one week. Read
her testimonial with confirmations from her. You
can also read other people’s testimonies
regarding our treatments.
Vaginal is one of the most important reproductive
organs. Without it, much can’t seem to happen.
Therefore, it has to be taken care of in the most
natural way possible and the is what is offered
through the Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Remedy
Kit. Most ladies/women have caused a lot of
problems to their reproductive systems through
the use of various antibiotics in curing vaginal
discharges/infections. So, this is a better
If you are also currently suffering infertility due to
vaginal infection, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
Remedy Kit will not only help you get rid of the
infection, it will also help improve your fertility.

If you have gained anything from reading this,
don’t hesitate to share it with others too.
You can also reach us 08033053964 EMMANUEL

Jan 25, 2018

I’m 45 years old and my husband is 50. We've been trying to conceive for 15 years now, and had 3 rounds of failed IV F. My doctors said I couldn't develop any eggs. My F SH levels were high and progesterone levels were too low. I luckily heard about your product and it took me some weeks after to order, because I was skeptical. But when I called and spoke to a live person, I realized it was real. My order got to me really quickly, and I only took Guife Bao,Ganoderma,Dansheen,Ares,Sangin and Garlic within 3 weeks and I got pregnant! I am still so surprised! I never thought it would happen that soon. It was unbelievable! I’m glad I followed my intuition and bought Fertility Supplement complete Pack. I have told my friend who is also trying to get pregnant and she hurriedly ordered, no more delay. Thank you.

Mrs Grace Age 45, Lagos, Nigeria.

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I have 3 children. During the pregnancy of
my third child I was diagnosed of fibroid. It
grew to 80mm after delivery. I have taken
several herbal products both locally and
internationally made but to no result. Then I
came across Guifeibao, I was placed on it
with some other fohow products for 4
months. I went for scan afterwards and it
was confirmed to me that the fibroid has
cleared off.

Mrs. Abiola, Lekki Lagos

Order for fibroid drugs complete elimination
call me on 08033053964

I have had ovarian cyst for about 7years and
I could not conceive. I have spent a lot of
money to the extent that I did not believe
In drugs and other products
will work for me when I came across it. To
my surprise I was placed on Guifeibao with
some other fohow products for just a month
after which I went for a scan and the doctor
confirm that the cyst has disappeared.
Presently I am pregnant.
Mrs. Olayemi, Akure, Ondo State

Call me on 08033053964

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