From obigbo to eleme juncction

by Sunny
(Portharcourt,rivers state)

just want to use this avenue to urge the president not to be disturbed by the recent development in his party,PDP.I take it to be a blessing in disguise as it will give him the oppourtunity to know who is with and against him.Let him remain focused because they will fizzle out in no time.No one has the right to dictate to the president whether to contest in 2015 or not,non of all the agitators if given the platform will ever perform better than president Jonathan.Let him just remain focused. I also want to use this medium to plead with the president concerning the pain and agony we the residents of Obigbo in Rivers state pass through everyday on our road leading from Obigbo to Eleme junction in Rivers state.The roads are almost unpassable as all road users go through agony and pain everyday.A journey that normally takes 6mins,now lasts for hours due to the bad nature of the road.Its now a yearly occurence and its very painful.4 years ago,more than 7 lives were lost and properties worth millons were destroyed on this road.Every year they will give the maintenance of this road to a company called JDP and they will come and do their magic and go,without having anything to show for the contract that was awarded to them with our money.We appeal to you,your excellency to help us for we have suffered so much.May God continue to guide and direct you always.

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