1, None Swallowing
2,100% Natural
3. Absolute no-side effects
4, fast result
5, Highly Affordable
6, Unique
7, Absorbed up to 98%
8, Easy to apply
9, Tested and Trusted

Gaurapad Patches are unique in that they deliver MEDICINAL REMEDIES directly through the skin, providing a steady dose of nutrients over a period of 24 hours, They are easily, conveniently and effectively absorbed, allowing for the full benefit intended.
Our Gaurapad products will not lose ANY potency by being metabolized by the liver, stomach acids or broken down by digestive enzymes.
GAURAPAD IMUNITY: (The bulldozer): contains ingredients that are highly beneficial for people suffering from immune system disorders ( HIV/AID), Fibroid, stroke, cancer, prostate, enlargement, respiratory conditions, typhoid fever, impotence, peptic ulcer disease, bacterial and viral infection.
GAURAPAD ANTI-TOXIN: Naturally draws out toxins, chemicals and acidity from the body, overcomes chronic fatigue, improves quality of sleep, enhances blood circulation, cleanses internal organs, reduces swelling and promotes a vibrant health and wellness. Toxins are harmful substances which we incidentally inhale or ingest; these toxins when present in our bodies can cause serious health problems. Linus Pauling (A two-time Nobel Laureate Scientist) has established that over 90% of diseases are caused by toxins and deficiency.
GAURAPAD B-CONTROL: is suitable for people who have a high blood pressure (hypertension).The Components work in synergy to relax and dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure.
GAURAPAD GLYCOSET: Improves insulin production, naturally lowers excess blood sugar and promotes adequate blood circulation to vital organs in the body. This product is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.
GAURAPAD LAXIN: Facilitates normal bowel movements and removes unwanted substances that cause constipation and indigestion.
GAURAPAD ASTHMA: Provides relief from asthma and cough, improves relief from asthma and cough, improves respiration and enhances adequate oxygen delivery to the lungs, thereby providing a fresh breath of relief.
GAURAPAD DEEP SLEEP: Is our solution to restlessness and aids the sleep process, relieves anxiety and stress.
GAURAPAD MENS' HEALTH: Is a 100% natural, rapid-action solution that provides healthy support to people suffering from benign prostate enlargement. This product can also be used to prevent prostate enlargement.
GAURAPAD FEMINA: Is an all-Natural solution to premenstrual Symptoms such as cramps, bloating, headache, tension and joint or muscle pain. Gaurapad Feminine supports a pain free and regular menstruation.
GAURAPAD MALARINE: Is the world first transdermal anti-malarial developed from Natural plant extracts, it provides relief of malaria symptoms within a few hours and can be used for malaria prevention.
GAURAPAD TEMPERATURE: Is a natural nanotechnology based soft gel pad for high also provides a soothing relief to the body by dissipating heat away from the body into the environment.
GAURAPAD IN-MOTION: Is a fast acting safe and effective transdermal formula for is a 100% natural rapid action solution based on advanced deep penetration into the bones and joins.
GAURAPAD BEAUTY NOW: Enjoy a complete facial treatment at the comfort of your home with our herbal based instant beauty formula. This product eliminates wrinkles, smoothens the face, moisturizes and improves facial color, promotes healthy glow, lightens pigmented spots and clears stretch marks.
Enjoy a complete facial treatment at the comfort of your home with our all natural “6-in-1” facial spa beauty mask, which contains Avocado, Tea Tree Oil, cocoa, orchid pomegranate and seaweed nourishes the facial skin and draws out impurities. This unique and effective facial solution will leave your face beautiful than your thought possible.
GAURAPAD SLIM; Reduces weight quickly and effectively. It increase fat burning, removes bad cholesterol in the blood, invigorates the body and improves blood circulation.
GAURAPAD GINSENG ROYAL GELLY: boosts energy levels, mental alertness, athletic performance, virility, endurance strength, memory and concentration. It enhances reproductive energy and improves fertility.
GAURAPAD GLUTATHIONE: aids detoxification, removes toxic oxygen radicals, support brain, health, prevents cancerous growth and promotes cell renewal. This is the most potent natural anti-oxidant known to man.
GAURAPAD BEE PROPOLIS: fortifies the body’s natural defenses, has natural germicidal, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties and supports great recovery from infections.
GAURAPAD ALOE VERA: eases arthritis pain, speeds up recovery from injury or physical exertion, clears abnormal cells, hydrates the skin and accelerates tissue repair.
GAURAPAD AMLA C: contains 30 times the vitamin C content of orange. It purifies the blood, supports digestion and absorption of nutrients, promotes healthy bone development, speeds up healing and helps in maintaining hair colour and growth.
GAURAPAD VITAMIN B COMPLEX: Improves energy, increases appetite, and improves energy, increases appetite, and enhances clarity of thought and physical performance. It also enriches the blood and boosts the immune system.
GAURAPAD ACAI BERRY: has an amazing nutritional profile and helps to improve digestion, prevent and relieve constipation, enhance physical activity, support heart function and blood circulation.
GAURAPAD SAW PALMETTO: increases sex drive and libido supports pain free and regular menstruation improves prostate health and enhances fertility.
GAURAPAD TEA TREE OIL: acts as an immune system stimulant and helps the body to fight infections. It is beneficial for pimples, allergies and to reduce pain associated with arthritis.
GAURAPAD POLY-GANO: scored N0.1 out of 10,000 herbs tested. It promotes overall well-being, homeostasis and longevity, supports the most vital organs in the body (including the brain), strengthens the immune system, boosts healthy ovulation and sperm quality, improves sexual function and inhibits growth of fibroid.
GAURAPADFIBROID POWAH! COMBO: is our new fast acting combo pack formulated with nature’s most powerful and potent ingredients that are known to counter the growth of fibroids. This combo pack combines the potency of Gaurapad immunity, Gaurapad Aloe Vera and Gaurapad Poly Gano, to guarantee faster and more effective result.
GAURAPAD POWAH! IN MOTION: is our new fast acting combo pack for arthritis and rheumatism developed by lonics Research. This combo pack combines the potency of 100% natural ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy, and guarantees faster and better results. The bio-availability of GAURAPAD POWAH! IN MOTION is high because it is rapidly and effectively absorbed deep into the bones and joints.
GAURAPAD POWAH! SLIM: Is our new fast acting combo pack formulated with nature’s most powerful, all-natural weight loss ingredients? This 30- Day weight loss Gaurapad powah! Slim is the first of its kind developed by lonics research and guarantees a 10kg weight loss in just 30days

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most people that invest in them lose their money