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This mail xchange below is worth sharing

I feel you Ken.
This weak man may still be the one to bring the change we desire ( without a fight)

Are you sure this 'weak man' is not from Israel? As there seems to be an unseen hand fighting for him.



If Jonathan is the best option among an array of faulty men why vilify him?

We need PDP to crack and collapse and Jonathan is the best man to do that job, since we tag him 'a weak man'.

But lets be careful with our analysis and dissection of a man who triumphed in relative obscurity in a party known for loud corrupt men.

Facts about Buhari is emerging that will later on label him as not too 'saintly'.

This I know: even if Buhari is as clean as he is purported to be ( I make no argument about that), he is too ideologically old to rule Nigeria in this age. The fight against corruption will not be with guns and military might but with wit, integrity and paradigm shift in application of ideas.

Let me make a weak case for Jonathan:

1. This weak man outsmarted the likes of Donald Duke, Peter Odili, to be become the number two man in 2007.

2. This weak man managed to become the president without playing intrigues of powerful politicians when Yaradua died.

3. This same weak man, allowed the powerful Northern oligarchy to play out one another when Atiku emerged as their consensus candidate, and by so doing did away (without an obvious fight) with the one and only Maradona-IBB.

4. This very weak man disgraced Atiku in a primary election watched by all..

5.This weak man is still riding on strong in the face of stiff opposition, bomb blasts by 'dark forces', etc.

Please I rather be weak like this obscure, obtuse, man from Niger Delta.

The paradigms and parameters for measuring things are shifting!!

--- On Thu, 3/24/11,

I am very much tempted to make a comment by the sincere submissions of Agim. The truth (the fundamental truth) is that GEJ is not the best person for the position of no 1 citizen of Nigeria but among all the contestants he is unequivocally the best.

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From your comments about PTF, I am tempted to believe that you never worked there. I worked there as a project manager. There's organization in Nigeria that has achieved the level of transparency PTF did.

Buhari was very fair in giving out jobs and never influenced any PTF staff on who to give jobs to. The system was like
this: come to PTF with project needs in your area, they are compiled, evaluated and advertised for contractors to apply. The award process was reasonably transparent and I witnessed people who met pleasant surprises at PTF when they had award letters. Nobody paid bribe to get their cheques. Most of the times, people were called to pick up their cheques.

A trend in PTF was this: fewer projects were abandoned in the North than South. People took cheques from the Southern part of the country and never showed up at construction sites.

If more projects were done up North, it's because the people were more serious. I even tried to help people in certain areas to come up with their projects from Cross River especially, but they were not forth-coming. The same thing with 2 friends I met in Abuja from Imo and Rivers states. One of them got a job of N16m, got fake documents, took 50% payment and absconded. I ran into the same guy some 2 years back in an airport when I was traveling. He was full of regrets. Not to mention others who were just interested in getting supplies for themselves to survive in Abuja and refused to structure projects for their people back home.

I'll say this: in every government, in every country, there is the influence of a group of people who control things. You may call it cabal. The difference between them is what they feel for the people and want to give out. GEJ is not working alone. As a person, he may like to be good (even the devil likes to be called good), but he is with the wrong crowd. That is where my problem lies. Tinubu's crowd in Lagos is not completely good, but they're trying to give to the people, some value.

Buhari's crowd versus GEJ's crowd, I take Buhari. But I will vote GEJ because what will happen after he becomes president, we never can tell. GEJ is not as strong as OBJ and the likes, so we may be able to get him to yield to certain pressures, like he did a few times already. He seems to be a weak man. That is what Nigeria needs, so institutions can grow!




Good talk bros. That Buhari PTF yarn is complete nonsense.

This guy should be asked how many PTF project were carried out in his home state.
At the end of the PTF saga, Tell magazine published a complete list of all projects embarked upon by PTF, and not surprisingly, 87 percent were in the north.
This has been, and will always be Buhari's albatross.

He, definitely is not the man I will vote for.

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