Goodluck for President

by JC

We all have one thing in common i.e our love for Nigeria and our desire to see the country move forward. To achieve this we need systematic change.

We need change but not necessarily change of the party in power. AC under Tinubu in Lagos for 8 yrs was a disappointment. Same AC under Fashola for the past 4 yrs has brought so much positive change in lagos.

PDP under OBJ-Yar was a failure but GEJ certainly has brought some fresh air in the country for the past few months.

GEJ has addressed the most fundamental agent of change, he has brought fresh air in our political system, has brought hope in our electoral system. That is why we can afford to spend our time on this, becos we feel that power again in our spine that we can determine who leads us through our votes.

We have been robbed of this power and fundamental right to truely vote our leaders in a long time b4 now. I believe Jonathan means good for Nigeria and we can trust him to bring the change we desire.

Let's give GEJ the opportunity of crystalizing the positive changes he has initiated in the electoral system, in the power sector, in education, in oil sector etc , instead of experimenting with the unknown.

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