Goodluck makes 5 New Pledges to keep Nigeria going Forward

Furthering his accomplishments, President Jonathan has now made 5 new pledges to keep Nigeria going forward:

1. Create 2 million more jobs every year for next 4 years.

2. Every boy and girl will have a place at school and the same future opportunities education gave to Jonathan.

3. Building on the newly created national supergrid for electricity every Nigerian will benefit from a more stable energy supply.

4. Terrorism is an international issue. Through international co-operation Goodluck is tackling the cause of terrorism. No terrorist will occupy our land again.

5. The application of technology has the opportunity for corruption at source. 99% of fertiliser funds for farmers now end up where targeted. Technology has been applied to customs and government rooting out “ghost workers”. Technology will be rolled out to stamp out corruption in every industry.

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