How Helping Hands International Works :
This is a Matrix program and having Five Stages
namely :
When you join, you will be in Stage One. It is a 2
X 2 Matrix. You are required to bring in two
people and they will be placed directly under you
( It is not necessary you bring people in, i can get
them for you.We can only have two people placed
directly under us & i have done that.Excess will
be placed under those we have under us. I am
only filling for those under me right now. But it
pays a lot if you personally bring in new
members. You will earn referral commission
instantly and also continue to earn from them as
they move from Stage to Stage. You can bring in
your family,friends, co-workers,neighbor etc.
There is no IP restrcition. You can even own ten
accounts if you want to. More accounts means
more money, Ipads,cars etc ) and tell those two
to also bring two each in. When they had done
this, your Stage One matrix is complete and you
be moved automatically to Stage Two.
For completing Stage One, you will be paid $10
and if you refer any one, you will be paid instantly
$8 for each of them. So,if you refer two people,
you will be paid $16, if you refer the own six,you
will be paid $48. Then add the Stage One bonus
of $10. You will get $58 in all.
Stage Two - You will earn total of $1000 ( Level by
Level ) & a Brand New Apple Ipad.
You won't have to fill the stage before you get
paid, you will be getting your money Level by
Level. That is when certain number of people had
been placed under you. Like when you have Two-
( Level One ), you get paid. When those two are
also having two each - ( Level Two ), you get paid
and so on.
Level 1 = Nil
Level 2---- $100
Level 3 – $200
Level 4 = $300
Level 5 - $400
Total Earnings for filling Stage Two or Masters
Stage = $1000.
Stage Three - You will earn total of $3000.
Other incentives will also follow, like Brand New
Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model car.
Each level earnings are :
Level 1 - $200
Level 2 - $300
Level 3 - $500
Level 4 - $500
Level 5 - $1500
Total Super Master's MATRIX Earnings = $3,000.
Stage Four - You will earn total of $6000 and
other incentives.
Earnings for each level are :
Level 1 = $300
Level 2 = $300
Level 3 = $500
Level 4 = $900
Level 5 = $4000
TOTAL = $6,000
Stage Five - You will earn total of $12,000 & other
Earnings for each level are :
Level 1 - $2000
Level 2 - $10,000
Total = $12,000.
When you had completed all the Stage, you will
be returned to Stage Five again. When you had
cycled up to seven times, you will be promoted to
Trustee or Director position.
Trustee ( director ) Stage - You will paid $80,000
and other incentives.
To become a member and enjoy all these
benefits, you need to pay the sum of $40
( N6,600 ) as your membership fee to your
sponsor who will then register and pay for you
through his or her wallet balance on the
company's site. You can't do the registration
You can pay through any form you wish as long
as the sponsor accept it. The money paid is one
time. You won't be needing to pay any money
The company is holding seminars everyday of the
week except Sundays in members countries.
If you think you are too busy to work more on this
program and really want to make money from it,
or you think you don't know how to bring in new
members and really want to be successful in the
company, there is something you can do.
Some people are afraid of joining programs that
involves bringing in new members,so i have
decided to help through these Two Ways :
1. Pay N8,000 or $50. This money will be used to
advertise your link and get at least six people
under you. They will be personally referred by
you. This will move you to Second Stage. You will
get these six downlines maximum two weeks. I
am sure it will happen within a week but set your
mind to two weeks maximum. The money will be
used to advertise for you.
My method of advertising are :
Big Posters - Paid for by me.
Banners - Bought from the Company office in
Fliers - Bought from the Company office in Lagos
Recorded Awards & Seminar Event on DVD -
Bought from the Company office in Lagos.
Bill Boards
Placing posters on Cars
Going from Shop to Shop promotion
Online ( Forums, Facebook, Paying Advertising
Sites, Using Blog etc )
all these,i will be able to get you the six
downlines. You are only required to bring in two
but will get you six in order for you to move to
Second Stage on time.
When the six is completed, you will make back
the extra N8,000 or $50 and also be in profit. The
total money you will get is N9570 ( $58 ). There
will be more money to make from the six
downlines from stage to stage.
When the six complete Stage Two, You will be
paid Matching bonus of $600 ( N99,000 )
When the six complete Stage Three, You will be
paid Matching bonus of $900 ( N148,500 )
When the six complete Stage Four, You will be
paid Matching bonus of $1800 ( N297,000 )
When the six complete Stage Five, You will be
paid Matching bonus of $3,600 ( N594,000 )
You will also be able to get to the Trustee or
Director Position where you will be paid Trustee
Bonus ( paid once ) - $80,000 among other
You can see it pays to personally refer people to
this program. You can pay for more downlines if
you want. More downlines, more money
( bonuses ) for you.
2. Invest at least N10,000 ( $62 ).
You will be paid back N30,000 ( $186 ) within
four months & also get registered for Helping
Hands International. You will start getting paid
starting from second month. If you pay this
month - June, your first payment will come by
July ending and it will be N10,000 ( $62 ).
You will get another N10,000 ( $62 ) come
August and September. By September, the whole
return will be completed. You will be registered
for Helping Hands International within Two to
Four Weeks of your deposit. That is, when i must
have start getting profit or return from your
The money will be used to advertise
HelpingHands International and will be pay back
from the money i make from the company. For
anyone to succeed on any program, we need do
to lot of advertising. If i am able to promote to
100 people, at least 20 people will love to join. My
plan is to promote to at least One Million people
( 1,000,000 ). My target is at least 10,000
downlines directly referred by me.
Through this program,i want to change lives,
touch lives of people. This program is good
enough for me to achieve this. Everyone i
promote to, loves the program. I will surely get lot
of downlines from my advertisements.
I will register you on HelpingHands International
and will get downlines for you but not with your
referral link. Mine link will be used. The referral
commission is part of ways i will pay you, your
returns. I will make sure you get to Second Stage
on time and get to the top too.
You can pay more than N10,000 ( $62 ). If you
pay Times Two ( N20,000 or $124 ), you will get
double returns and double account with
HelpingHands International.
I want to advertise this program to people all over
the world. I want to play a huge part in bringing
people to this Helping Hands company and get
their lives touched, get them empowered. The
money you invested will make sure of that and
you get good returns for doing so.
You can see, there is no reason for you not to
consider this program. you have three options to
choose from :
Register & get at least two people yourself or rely
on me for downlines but your link won't be used.
Registered & get Six Referrals from me using your
Invest & get returns of $186 or N30,000 & also
be registered - will get you downlines.
Let's say i have 100 downlines that registered
through my link, these are what i will get when
they complete their stages :
Stage One : Referring Commission $8 X 100 =
$800 ( N132,000 )
Stage Two : Matching Bonus $100 X 100 =
$10,000 ( N1,650,000 )
Stage Three : Matching Bonus $150 X 100 =
$15,000 ( N2,475,000 )
Stage Four : Matching Bonus $300 X 100 =
$30,000 ( N4,950,000 )
Stage Five : Matching Bonus $600 x 100 =
$60,000 ( N9,900,000 )
I am going to get that Brand New Hyundai
Elantra 2014 Model and will do same for some of
my downlines including my Mum and Dad ( for
believing in me when i introduced the program to
them ) this year. I want people to wake up daily
and see what i have done in their lives and be
sending blessings to me.
This program should never be missed. If you
decide not to join now,i wonder the program that
will attract you. Maybe those HYIPs that can't be
sustain and run away with your money.
If you don't know, Networkers are one of the
richest people in the world. While don't you hold
on to this company and make your money from
for your instant registration pls call me on
08130122561 thanks God bless you all

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