It has been reported that over 16 people died following stampede at different venues of NIS job test including Abuja. Over 60,000 youths were said to have turned up for the test which held at the National Stadium Abuja.

This is sad! very sad!!
That this happened in many centers across the nations points to the fact that it is not just an accident but an outcome of lack of planning which can be attributed to disregards for human dignity and insensitivity on the part of the organizers.
To think that a similar incident which also claimed lives happened some years back in a similar exercise and still no appropriate measures was put in place to forestall same is not only inhuman but criminal negligence.

For the fact that the applicants pre-registered online means the organisers had a prior knowledge of the number being expected, what measure did they put in place to handle this?
how did the organizers plan to administer a credible exam to over 60,000 people in one center.
How did they even plan to administer credible exams in a stadium.

One then starts thinking that the exam which ended up leading to loss of many lives may not have been intended to be used for any employment but just to fulfill all righteousness that employment was based on an examination.

Another annoying thing is that these unemployed youths where taxed N1000 each. This means that if 500,000 people applied for these jobs, the agency would have made some 500 million naira. Is these not capitalizing on the unemployment situation to making money from people already stretched by unemployment.

It is morally wrong for a govt agency to ask unemployed youths to pay money for job applications when private organisations pay applicants for attending job interviews.

The Federal Government should sincerely probe into this incident and job scam to ensure all those found wanting are appropriated disciplined to prevent future occurrence.

The agency should be made to refund all those who paid money for these applications and pay some compensation to all who attended the exercise for the undue hardship they where subjected to.


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Nigerian Youths robbed of 700 million naira NEW
by: Concerned Youth

This is inhuman. Some of these people in government collect our collective wealth (in form of allocation) instead of using it for the people, the starch them out in foreign accounts. Now in addition a Minister squeezes out 700 million naira from unemployed youths to further boost his already over-blotted bank account. The youth are further subjected to untold hardship and punishment in the name of recruitment exercise.

Those found culpable in these crime against the masses should be punished.
The applicants must be refunded their money.
All those who attended the recruitment exercise should be compensated for their suffering and spending on that day. Some people would have borrowed money to pay their transport fares to the venues and for other expenses.
Process of recruitment has to be reviewed.

Those Concerned Should Resign NEW
by: Anonymous

The minister and others concerned should honourable bow out of office. They don't need to wait for the President to ask them to go. By omission or commission they Ministry of Interior has failed in its responsibility and mandate.

"The Ministry’s mandate is fostering and ensuring the maintenance of internal security and citizenship integrity for the promotion of good governance of the nation"

There was total disregard for the integrity of the Nigerian youths/citizens in the conduct of the NIS recruitment exercise. Nigerian citizens where lumped together in tens of thousand without any care or proper arrangement for the conduct of the said test or for their welfare which lead to the death of many.

Some private organisation even in Nigeria pay applicants, feed them and put them in air-conditioned halls when they invite applicants for recruitment exercise.Then a govt agency that its primary responsibility is to people will collect money from them and bring them out in fields for hours to suffer and die. It is really sad.

What would the ministry have said if Nigerian citizens in another country where treated in this manner. How do we expect other countries to treat our citizens if the Ministry of Interior will treat its own citizens in this rude manner.

Serious actions need to be taken to ensure a repeat of this does not happen either from this agency and another in future.

In addition to the resignation of these concerned officials, the agency/ministry should be made to refund all those who paid money for these applications and pay some compensation to all who attended the exercise for the undue hardship they where subjected to; and there should be a review of recruitment process to govt ministries and agencies.

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