Integrated Institute of Professional Management

by Eburuche Obinna Chimezie Banito
(Nasarawa, Nigeria)

Integrated Institute of Professional Management trains and certifies individuals, teams and organizations on leadership and management development. These trainings and certifications will enable them to build strong leadership and management skills thereby increasing the knowledge capital of individuals, teams and organizations for increased performance, productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. Our trainings are done so as to meet the overarching needs of both private and public corporations of inadequately skilled manpower. Trainings are administered through face to-face contact lecture in designated centres, customized in-house trainings for teams and organizations and/or online delivery where trainings are conducted using pre-recorded video classes and e-handouts. Training assessment is conducted to evaluate the degree of assimilation then certificate of completion is awarded to participant upon completion of the training.

The institute also provides a membership offer to individuals, teams and organizations. This is to support strategic networking, continuing capacity building, mentoring and coaching.

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