Jewellery Designer ... Am I on the right path

by Njideka
(Abuja, Nigeria)

I'm a jewellery designer.i love what am doing. am passionate about it.i relatively make money out of it. my challenge is presently am having doubts if this is what am supposed to be doing at this time in my life and secondly am feeling left out,like my business is not growing at the pace i hoped it will. is it normal?

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What Do You Want
by: Jetcom

Being passionate about what you do is great and a positive development. Then you also need to be clear about what you want in life and by extension in business - that is PURPOSE.

You will then need to clearly define your vision - the future picture you see; this will be an inspiration for you and will also enable you to draw up a business plan - a road map for your business.

by: Tomi salami

It is good you love what you do but passion is not enough to make need to go for a formal training cos there is competition in business and you need something that makes you satnd out I'm also a jewelr maker n I have had countless training and will not stop.Thanks .q

thank u
by: Anonymous

thank u.i am trully passionate about jewelery making. i don't have any formal training for it,though will love to improve on it,but i just know i love making it. i can work into up till the wee hours of the morning with joy and happiness after creating something nice and beautiful. my happiness comingwhen a customer comments positively on it.

Follow your passion
by: Anonymous

Since you love what you do, continue in it you will actaully excel.

Any activity that meets a need can become a big business, focuson jewelries that satisfies the tastes of your customers and yourbusiness will have great patronage

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