Join a Mobile Technology company that will make you to earn across the globe

by Ayodele

I told someone the best way to become wealthy and famous is for you to invest in business of addictions. How would you feel if you are collecting a particular percentage on the money you spend on airtime, transportation, food, transfer of money to friends and family, paying of tax, shopping online, paying for your tuition or your children tuition fees, buying of flight tickets and so many other things that gulp money out of your pocket.

Quickteller generates about 3billion naira in a month true money transfer and bill payments. As at March ending, the Nigeria telecom industry generated 212bn naira due to recession at the end of the month. The Global eCommerce industry generated $22.2tn in 2015, while the Global Restaurant industry generated $2.0tn in 2016 and the Global hotel industry generated $550bn in 2016.

Over 36.7bn emails are sent in a day. Over 2.3bn Gigabytes of internet traffic captured in a day which is why the likes of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, SnapChat and WeChat worth billions of dollars. What if you are introduced to a mobile technology company that will give the ability to earn from people across the globe when they shop online, buy airtime, transfer money and pay for utility bills? What if you are introduced to a system where you generate your own recharge cards that can recharge over 600 networks across 143 countries in the world?. It's hard for you to believe.

Join AYODELE. WhatsApp +2349063370334 and call +2348062378171

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most people that invest in them lose their money