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Wouldn't you rather work for yourself and be your own boss? Join the league of successful entrepreneurs today and gain financial freedom. As the owner of your own business, your destiny is in your hands, and you can take it to any height you desire, you are only limited by your mind. If you can dream big and work smart, then you will live your dream

Don’t be held back, you have what it takes to start your own business today, Yes! You Can. Around you, there are needs you can meet; there are gaps you can fill; build your business around them, using those skills, talents and knowledge you have, and applying time tested secrets of great achievers. You will be amazed at how far you will go.

It doesn't matter where you are now, where you are coming from or what you have been through, you can start and grow your own business; you only need to understand the principles and apply them. Every system has principles and rules governing it so does business. The famous businessmen we know today used these same principles and if you do, you will also have the same results Success.

The advent of the internet has made starting a business very simple. It has never been simpler; the things that used to distinguish the big business tycoons from starters are now readily accessible to you with a click of the mouse.

Have you ever wondered why the past few decades have produced so many young multi-millionaires and billionaires? The truth is that the fundamentals of doing business have changed. The internet puts the world in your palms. And if you have the right knowledge, skill and business concept, you can make your millions and billions.

Many of the challenges that before now posed great obstacles to prospective entrepreneurs can today be overcome by starting and doing business online . You are no longer limited by geographical or regional barriers. You can build international business outfits right from your home. You can partner and collaborate with people in different parts of the world. You can sell and buy goods from any part of the world provided all the parties are connected to the internet.


If you need to take charge of your life,

if you need to impact your world,

if you need to create wealth,

if you need to have control over your time;

then you have to start your own business,

and there is no better time to start than now.

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most people that invest in them lose their money

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The challenges you face in starting/running your business today have been overcome by someone else in time past; when you share them here you get the right tips to overcoming them.



Business is essentially an exchange between two people or two groups, the first (a customer) a person with a need and the other (Businessman) with a solution. The businessman gives his solution to the need of the customer; the customer receives satisfaction and in turn makes payment to the businessman.

Hence two major aspects must be considered in identifying business opportunities.

1. What the people need (or sometimes want).

2. What solutions you can offer.


• Identify what people need around you, write them down - Since business is essentially about providing solutions to peoples’ needs, in identifying business opportunities we must focus on the needs of the people.

• Analyze these needs – are there solutions to these needs? Are people satisfied with the existing solution? What more do people want? Business opportunities must not be a total new business idea or something no one has ever done. It could be improving on an existing product; it could be modifying a particular product to meet the need of a specific segment of the market. Read more

1. Identify a business idea 
2. Develop a business plan 
3. Access start-up funding 
4. Decide on your business legal structure 
5. Register your business accordingly 
6. Build your team
7. Drive your business.


Any business that promises you outrageous returns may be a Ponzi scheme or fraud. Business is basically exchange of values, the payment you receive is a reward for the value you give. When you are disposed to receive rewards without offering any value, you are prone to be defrauded.

When people ask you to invest your money with some promises of great rewards within a short time, ask some questions;

·         How are they making the money they will pay you?

·         What value does the business create?

·         What is their track record?

·         If the business is real why are they not getting funding from financial institutions who have the capacity to verify their claims?

·         If they are a charity organization why are they asking for the little you have first?

BEWARE! Ponzi schemes benefit only the operators and few others whom the use as baits to attract more people, MOST people who invest in Ponzi schemes lose their money.


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