Junaid Mohammed one of those mis-leading Buhari.

by Chucks Ugbor.

Junaid Mohammed one of those mis-leading Buhari.

•Stop advising and influencing Buhari.

•Threats of breakup not a mere blackmail.

•Serious minded Northerners must call Junaid Mohammed to order if there is no hidden agenda.

•If Junaid Mohammed countinues this way, the Northerners may be the ‘losers’ at last.

I refer to an article published in the Sun Daily Newspaper of 22nd.April 2017 in which Junaid Mohammed was quoted as to have said, I quote” Threats of breakup a mere black mail” among other nonsense he said during the interview he granted the trio of Vincent Kalu, Noah Ebue, and Sola Ojo. You may read his interview with the Sun Newspaper to understand what I am saying.

The Junaid Mohammed of a person must realise that he is just a single individual, one out of the estimated 170 million citizens of Nigeria. He should therefore learn to keep quiet when patriotic Nigerians discuss serious national issues. Dr. Junaid Mohammed has willingly become not only a disgrace to his education and qualification, but also a burden to the Northern academics, reasonable Northern politicians, Northern elites and God fearing Northerners.

Junaid Mohammed must find his level in Nigerian politics of the present day when the whole world is waiting to see how we solve our numerous problems of economic crunch, corruption, insecurity, decayed infrastructure and name it.

I am quite sure that some reasonable and patriotic individuals whose opinions remain unheard by the ‘majority’ are among the Pan Northern Delegates Forum, he mentioned during the interview. So what do you do with
people like Mohammed who remains incorrigible, reasons absurdly and act disorderly?

I think somebody must be bold enough to stop him from making provocative and irrelevant statements. To my mind, Mohammed belongs to several ‘self -styled elders’ found in all the regions of Nigeria.

Nigerians do not deserve or need people like him who are self –centred and contribute nothing tangible for the unification and unity of Nigeria,

His likes are good at nothing but teaching and practicing the old , backward and out-dated doctrine of ‘Northern Supremacy’ Surprisingly, I have been reading his interviews and articles for years; I cannot remember to have read where he made once a wise contribution as to justify his age and education thereby rendering the expected help from elders which he claims to belong to decision makers in times of difficulty and national trials.

He cannot afford to remain a hard liner all the time, especially at this crucial time Buhari’s led APC administration is battling in many fronts to see that the campaign promises are realised. The Northern leaders and elders should not hesitate to call Junaid Mohammed of a man to order. The North cannot afford to allow him play God at the detriment of the entire northern populace.

Honest, patriotic northern leaders and elders must tell him off once, and that " enough is enough," if actually Junaid Mohammed is not their mouthpiece under a hidden agenda,

President Buhari must know that Dr, Junaid Mohammed is a friend neither to him nor to the APC Federal Government.

Chucks Ugbor.

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