Land and housing in abuja

by prince isaac



1.8hecters at asokoro, 600million

5000m2 filling station plot along airport road 180million.

9000m2 hotel plot along airport road 150million

5,900m2 mf plot along airport road (first plot by the road) 150million.

108 hecters at karazana 5.6billion

20 hectares at kayame 2.4billion.

54 hectares at kayame 5.6billion.

20 hectares for estate with c/o at kuje 500million,

25 hectares farm land r/o 85million.

100 hectares farm land r/o 180million

5hecters(3 serial) along airport road with r/o 250million each.

5.5hecters along airport road,with c/o, agis, tdp 350million

1200m2 at dawaki, 25million

.Lugbe by Airport Junction 50Hectares R/O 350million

.Idu Industrial 2 Hectares R/O 150 million

.Commercial plot Utako For office use C/O 580 million

.Commercial plot at Kabusa 5600sqm R/O 30million

.Multi-Function plot at Zuba 6000sqm C/O 18million

.Residential Kubwa III Housing Estate 1 Hectares C/O 250 million

.Mass Housing Karsana 19Hectares R/O 850million.

.Mass Housing Idu Sabon 24Hectares R/O 500million.

.Church plot Dape by Life Camp 5000sqm R/O 100million.

.Hotel for sale (Service) Zone7 C/O 750million.

.Commercial plot at Katampe Main By ABC 3400 sqm c/o 100million

.Residential/Private housing estate Karsana North 2.64 Hectares R/O 200 Million

.Residential Villa Aso Villa 3130sq C/o 800milion.

.Commercial plot Central Area 8600sqm c/o 1.5billion.

.Commercial plot Opposite Sky memorial Complex zone6 4626.81sqm C/O 750million.

.Residential plot at Daki Biu 1500sqm C/O 40million.

.Commercial plot at Area 1 1700sqm C/O 200million.

.Commercial plot at Alero 1.15hts R/O 850million.

.Residential Alero 3400sqm R/O 280million.

.Commercial Jabi 1.1 htrs C/O 1.7

.A service Multi-functional Factory, with service
Machineries along Kuje Junction on 19 hecter land
with a Valuation Report and Titled Documents.
Kuje Junction 19htrs R/O

600m2, 700m2 residential crd plot 3million each.

5000m2 commercial plot in lugbe, 12million,

1000m2 (2 serial), 1200m2(2serial) residential plot back of dunamis head quaters, along airport road 3million each

8000m2 church plot in lugbe 15million.

6000m2 school plot in lugbe 45million.

Bungalow and duplex for sale in lugbe, life camp, wuye, wuse, gwarinpa, kubwa, jabi, apo, garki, asokoro.

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