Lawyers urge Nigerians to rise against DSTV rates

by Daily Trust
((14/8/2018) Abuja)

Nigerians should rise against increase in subscription rates by cable pay TV operator, DSTV, to forestall indiscriminate price increase in the future, two Abuja-based lawyers, Okonache Ogar and Patrick Abang, have said.

The lawyers, in a letter sent to media houses, said Nigerians needed to ask DSTV the reasons why it increased its subscription rates.

“The simple deduction is that, in Nigeria, unlike in other climes, the Customer is Not the King but a Pawn, to be exploited, derided and manipulated at will, the letter said.

The lawyers called on all Nigerians to demand that MultiChoice Nigeria suspended its price increase and reverted to the old rates with immediate effect.

They also said MultiChoice Nigeria, as a matter of urgency should introduce, within four months, pay-as-you watch package as it is the practice in other countries.

They added that MultiChoice Nigeria should also introduce pay per channel view option within four months.
They said Nigerians should mount sustained campaign calling for the boycott of further subscriptions.

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