LEAD Properties List

by Engr. Nwachukwu
(FCT, Abuja, Nigeria)

Properties selling now in Abuja-Nigeria (Serious Buyers Only)

. Lugbe plot, no MF 1427, Size 5 hectares, price: 50 million (tus)

. plot of land in life camp, 1399m2, R of O, 35 million

. 30 hectares are Apo Resetlement area, mass housing, R of O, price: 1.6 billion (Aly)

. Jahi C of O, Commerical, 1699.05m2 price: 50 million (Aly)

. Hospital land in Durumi, Size: 3400sqm Buildable, Price: 190million C of O, (MYR)

. Kuje Farm land for sale, size: 5 hactares, (Offer) Price: N7 million (MYR)

. Wuye, Residential C of O, 1100sm2, price: 50 million net (tus)

. Gudu Residential land, 1,536.74sqms, C of O, Price: N65Million (CALL B)

. Commercial land for sale at DeiDei Express way, 3000sqm, R of O, price: N18 million (MYR)

. Kuje, 1 hectare, Purpose: Comprehensive Development, R of O, Price: N20 millioin (MYR)

. Magadishu Residential land, 2300sqm, C of O, price: N180 million (MYR)

. Zuba Express way, A 7000sqm, highly strategic, Suitable for shopping mall, Mergal Station, Motor Services Warehouse, Just behind police station Zuba Express way. C of O, Price: N170 million (MYR)

. A Commercial land at Airport road, 7000sqm+, R of O, Price: 150 million (Yak Bu)

. A Residential land at Lugbe, 500m2, price: 3 million (Jonathen)

. A commercial plot of land at Air lugbe, 3000sqm, 30 million (Lugbe Jonathan)

. Filling statiion land @ Kubwa along the road, 8000sqm, C of O, Price: N70million net

. Filling station land @ Kubwa along the road, 1Ha, R of O, Before NNPC price: 50 million (baka)

. idu industrial 2 hectares, R of o, price: N140 million net (AMTR)

. Dutse Gudu, Hotel land 1.53 hectares, C of O, N600 million asking (peace & Blessing)

. Gudu by MKK plaza, Hotel land use, Size 5897.76sqm, C of O, price: N255million (Yak bu)

. Wumba, Public Institution (Secondary School), 5.91 hectares, C of O, Price: N600million (call B)

. Apo 2.6Has, C of O, Mass Housing, price: 450 million (Suleinman)

. Apo 5Ha, C of O, Mass Housing, Price: 1.5 b (Suleiman)

. Karmo 1.9Ha, R of o, mass housing, price: 255 million (Suleiman)

. Life Cam by Kado, 3Ha, C of O, Price: 900 million (Suleiman)

. Apo 1.5Ha, c of O, mass housing, price: 700 million (Seleiman)

. Mbora District. 2,144.79m2, C of O, Residential, price: 55 million ( Yak Bu)

. Apo Dtuse, 1,249.54m2 C of O, Residential,
price: 15 million (Yak bu)

. Katampe extension, Residential, C of O, 4,781.44m2, price: 100million (Yak BU)

. Dape, Residential, C of O, 1,869.34m2, price: 30 milliion (yak Bu)

. Chika airport road, C of O, (Commercial) Filling Station, 1.87 Hectares, (yak bu)

. Lugbe Commerical,11,963.93m2, Filling station land, C of O, price: 350 million (yak bu)

. Maitama Alero, 446.12m2Mixed use, (Comprehensive Development) R of O, price: 300 million (yak bu)

. Maitama extension, 2500m2, c of O, Mass housing, price:350 million (yak Bu)

. Wuye 7000m2, C of O, Commercial, price: 420milliion (yak Bu)

. Gwarimpa, mass housing, fcda allocation, R of O, 28 Hectares, price: 1.8b (yak bu)

. Gwagwalada mass housing, 9 heactares, price 400 million (yak bu)

. Wuye commercial ( Hotel land use) 2100m2 C of o, Price: 170 million (call B)

. Wuse commercial (Hotel land use) 2000m2, c of o, along the road, price 200million (call b)

. Piyakasa along the airport road, 1200m2, r of O, residential, price: 6 million (DCL Anya)

. Piyakasa along the airport road, 900m2, r of O, residential, price: 5 million (DCL Anya)

. Piyakasa along the airport road, 1189.50m2, c of O, residential, price: 8 million (DCL Anya)

. Kiyami along the airport road, 1100m2, C of O, price 13million (Dcl Anya)

. Piyakasa 1000m2, R of O, price: 4.5million (DCL Anya)

. Idu industrial land, 2.03hectares, C of O, 170 million (DCL anya)

. Idu industrial land, 2.07hectares, C of O, 200 million (DCL anya)

. Idu industrial land, 8500m2, C of O, 200 million (DCL anya)

. Idu industrial land, 1.99Ha,, C of O, 200 million (DCL anya)

. Idu industrial land, 1.9Ha,, C of O, 200 million (DCL anya)

. church land, 9400Sqm CofO By Apo Mechanic Primary School, Price(150M) (oje)

. church land, 9200Sqm Sector Center G By Kabusa Garden Estate (200M) (oje)

. church land, . 9600 Sqm CofO Dutse Off Gudu Market Rd Price (180M) (oje)

. church land, 5000Sqm @ Apo Resettlement RofO Price(80M) All For Church Use. (oje)

. 10Hectares @ Sector Center Besides Malasia Garden Estate Purpose(Housing Estate) Price (800M). (oje)

. 10Hectares @ Wumba Along APo Shoprite Purpose (Housing)Price (1.5B Asking) (oje)

. 10ht @ APo Centenary Behind Apo Resettlement (FCDA allocation) Purpose(Housing) Price(400M Asking) (oje)

Contact: Engr Nwachukwu
DCL Properties Co. Ltd
Lead Guaranteed Results Ltd (Business Partner)
Address: DCL HOUSE, Plot 1299, Fumilayo Ransom Kuti Road,
Area 3, Garki, Abuja-Nigeria

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