Lugbe is one of the popular suburban settlements in Abuja. It is in the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). It is largely residential and densely populated. Lugbe is about 17 minutes drive from the Central Business District of Abuja and 13 minutes drive to the Abuja Airport. It is along the airport road. Lugbe is divided into five districts namely Lugbe south, Lugbe north, Lugbe central, Lugbe west, Lugbe east.

Though Lugbe is not in the Federal Capital City (FCC), its proximity to the city centre and also to the Abuja airport has brought it into lime light and attracted significant development to the area. The area is developing very fast and is viable area to invest in real estate.

The Airport road has heavy traffic (around Lugbe area) in the early hours of the morning between 6.00am to 10.00am and 4.00pm to 8.30pm on the lanes from Lugbe to city centre and city centre to Lugbe respectively. During these periods of heavy traffic the journey to or from Lugbe to city centre could take up to 30 minutes. The Express way was recently expanded from  four lanes to ten lanes.

Landmarks in Lugbe include....

  • National Space Development and Research Agency
  • FHA Estate
  • Voice of Nigeria Transmission Station

Estates in Lugbe

Lugbe is mainly a residential area and has a number of housing estates, some already completed and occupied and others still under construction, they include

  • Federal housing authority, FHA Estate
  • Wisdom Estate
  • Trademore Estate
  • NCC Estate
  • Shibann Court Estate
  • Osilama Garden Estate
  • People Paradise Estate
  • Triumph Estate

Places Near Lugbe

  • Aviation Village
  • Giri
  • Kyami
  • Kukwaba
  • Gousa

Lubge on the Abuja map

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