MMi business development services.

by Taii Loba Emovon

We are business developer based in Montreal-Canada. I have developed a small scale and commercial business for our clients we also collaborated with existing government sub-contractors to established a profitable venture in around North America. Including Canada and the United States

MMi Business Services is a business consultant that provides consultation and development of new and existing ideas into a profitable business. This includes business proposal and mentor ship for start-up business. As we, recognizing the difficulty of Organizations and business owners facing why doing business in and out of Africa. Our organization decide to start providing Business Referee Service to Individuals, Companies or governments organizations with a clear objectives of our client success stories: To promote and protect the interests of community development; and To encourage job creation in the industrial harmony, productivity and prosperity for all

We are presently seeking individual and companies that are interested in collaboration and implementation of our already develop business proposal and a financial model for the continent of Africa. These are the following business

AquaPonic Soilless Farm Business. An innovation soilless farming
Magnetic Electricity Plant Business. A magnetic generator
Solar Electricity Plant Business. Solar energy generator
Wind Electricity Plant Business. A wind generator
DNA Lab Center Business. Fingers print and blood lab
Emergence 911 Call Center Business. A centre emergency call center
Global CallBack VOIP Business. A local and international prepaid calling card
Geothermal Electricity Plant Business. Earth energy power generator
Security Consultant Business. An elite quick respond security guard

The projects are essential to helping people become educated, live healthy lives, get jobs, and contribute as active citizens. You’ll know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you’ve finally setup something that can work to bring you the hands-free cash you’ve been looking for Please request for more information on your interested business by contacting me

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Mar 10, 2017
Beware NEW
by: Anonymous

Any business that promises you outrageous returns may be a Ponzi scheme or fraud. Business is basically exchange of values, the payment you receive is a reward for the value you give. When you are disposed to receive rewards without offering any value, you are prone to be defrauded.
When people ask you to invest your money with some promises of great rewards within a short time, ask some questions;
· How are they making the money they will pay you?
· What value does the business create?
· What is their track record?
· If the business is real why are they not getting funding from financial institutions who have the capacity to verify their claims?
· If they are a charity organization why are they asking for the little you have first?
BEWARE! Ponzi schemes benefit only the operators and few others whom the use as baits to attract more people, MOST people who invest in Ponzi schemes lose their money.

May 09, 2014
i am interested NEW
by: john

Is it possible to help me with an innovative farming technique business proposal If so,please let the cost. hoping to hear from you.

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most people that invest in them lose their money