Mobile App Development Power Workshop

by Citizens9 LLC

Mobile Apps - in all definition is the primary engine of modern e-commerce .

This one day workshop clearly sheds light on the latest technologies available to anyone to build a mobile app visually. From designing the app layout to building the functionality that drives it use, the One Day Workshop will expose all the skills you need to build feature rich apps and deploy for either Android or iOS platforms.

As far back as 2016, anyone who needed to build an app for their business will either require advanced coding skills or hire someone technically inclined to deploy their application. Not so today, using Wappler and Cordova open source libraries, anyone - just about anyone can build a feature rich app and deploy it on any app market and start monetizing immediately.

The tools are out there, the skill is rare, join this workshop to discover how to build powerful mobile applications without writing a single line of code using available technologies and design methods that will even blow professional developers away.

It's 2019 - the future is here and you are invited to be a part of this eye opening intensive all day workshop.

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