Mogadishu cantonment mammy market safest in Abuja


Outgoing Commander, Army Headquarter (AHQ) Garrison, Maj.- Gen. Barry Ndiomu, has allayed fears about the safety and security of the Mogadishu Cantonment Mammy Market.

Ndiomu said this at the formal inauguration of the new Mogadishu Cantonment Mammy Market extension and the Army Headquarter Garrison automobile workshop in Abuja on Tuesday.
He said army authorities had since the last bomb blast at the market, made adequate arrangements to secure lives and property at the market.
He added that the new extension had been constructed with extra security designs made to prevent a repeat of the bomb attack that left many persons injured and others dead.
He assured the public that the security around the market had been beefed up since the last incident, stressing that the market was safe for business.
"I have read some reports in the media that the market is not safe for business and many other reports about insecurity at the market."
"I want to dismiss the insinuations today and want to stress that the Mogadishu Cantonment mammy market is the safest mammy market in Abuja.’’
He said the new extension would soon be opened to the public, stressing that authorities were mindful of the need for stronger and better civil relations.
At the automobile workshop, Ndiomu said the project was prompted by the need to ensure prompt maintenance of the command’s vehicles.
He said the new workshop was equipped with modern gadgets found in any auto workshop around the world.
"The workshop is equipped with motorised mobile workshop, Mack recovery vehicle, Haib crane and a land rover recovery van."
"It is also equipped with an On-board Diagnostic machine, equipment for fabrication among others. It is my conviction that the workshop will be properly managed to offer high standard services and learning to personnel and others who may require its services.’’
He said the project was executed from the statutory allocation of the command which had been saved over the years.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the market extension comprises over 100 shops and is equipped with necessary facilities for businesses to thrive.

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