Motion on the need to make Nigerians participate more in the electoral process

by folayemi Joshua Atunse
(Akure ONDO STATE, Nigeria )

I wish to humbly suggest that the present government should start a policy to make Nigerians participate more in the electoral process. I have sent an email in this regard to an email address Basically, my suggestions is for Nigerians electorates to be better motivated in the electoral process. To this extent, I wish to suggest that a sum of 2,000:00 naira be given to every electorates that fully registered and at the point of collecting the permanent voters card. Similarly, a sum of 3,000:00 naira should be given to each electorates on election day after voting to cover transportation, refreshments etc. With this, one will be sure that a greater percentage of Nigerians will come out to vote on election days. Even though, this policy will cost government a lot of money, but the ends will definitely justify the means. Details of this proposal can still be worked out if found worthy.

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