Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari is the current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari was born on 17 December 1942 in Daura Katsina State.

Buhari is a retired Major General in the Nigerian Army who was Head of State of Nigeria from 31 December 1983 to 27 August 1985, after taking power in a military coup d'état.

He ran unsuccessfully for the office of President of Nigeria in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections. In December 2014, he emerged as the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the March 2015 elections. Buhari won the 2015 general election, defeating the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan. When he takes office on 29 May 2015 as scheduled it will mark the first time in Nigeria's history that an incumbent elected President will peacefully transfer power to an elected leader of the opposition.

Buhari joined the Nigerian Army in 1961, when he attended the Nigerian Military Training College (in February 1964, it was renamed the Nigerian Defence Academy) in Kaduna. From 1962 to 1963, he underwent officer cadets training at Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot in England.

In 1971, Buhari married his first wife, Safinatu Buhari (First lady of Nigeria December 1983-August 1985). They had five children together, four girls and one boy. Their first daughter, Zulaihat (Zulai) is named after Buhari’s mother. Their other children are Fatima, Musa (deceased), Hadiza, and Safinatu.

In 1988, Buhari and his first wife Safinatu were divorced. In December 1989, Buhari married his second and current wife Aisha Buhari. They also have five children together, a boy and four girls. They are Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zarah and Amina.

In January 1963, Buhari was commissioned as second lieutenant, and appointed Platoon Commander of the Second Infantry Battalion in Abeokuta, Nigeria. From November 1963 to January 1964, Buhari attended the Platoon Commanders’ Course at the Nigerian Military Training College, Kaduna. In 1964, he facilitated his military training by attending the Mechanical Transport Officer’s Course at the Army Mechanical Transport School in Borden, United Kingdom.

From 1965 to 1967, Buhari served as Commander of the Second Infantry Battalion. He was appointed Brigade Major, Second Sector, First Infantry Division, April 1967 to July 1967.

Buhari was made Brigade Major of the Third Infantry Brigade, July 1967 to October 1968 and Brigade Major/Commandant, Thirty-first Infantry Brigade, 1970 to 1971.

Buhari served as the Assistant Adjutant-General, First Infantry Division Headquarters, from 1971 to 1972. He also attended the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, India, in 1973.

From 1974 to 1975 Buhari was Acting Director of Transport and Supply at the Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport Headquarters.

He was also Military Secretary at the Army Headquarters from 1978 to 1979 and was a member of the Supreme Military Council from 1978 to 1979.

Other roles include:

General Officer Commanding, 4th Infantry Division, Aug. 1980 – Jan. 1981

General Officer Commanding, 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division, Jan. 1981 – October 1981

General Officer Commanding, 3rd Armed Division Nigerian Army, October 1981 – December 1983


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the immediate past President and commander-in-chief of the federal republic of Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan was born on November 20, 1957. He served as a deputy governor prior to December 2005 but got sworn as the governor after the erstwhile governor- Mr. Alamiesiegha was impeached.

Dr Ebele Jonathan was the Governor of Bayelsa from December 2005 to May 2007. Ebele Goodluck’s fate also earned him the president of Nigeria in February 2010 when the Nigerian senate confirmed him following the hospitalization of the then president Yaradua

Goodluck Jonathan was born in Otueke, in the then River state which has now become Bayelsa state. Ebele Jonathan obtained a BSC in Zoology and went ahead to obtain a PHD in Zoology at the University of Port-Harcourt.
President Goodluck Jonathan has worked as an education Inspector and an environmental protection officer before joining politics in 1998. Goodluck Jonathan is married to Dame Patience Jonathan; the marriage is blessed with 2 children.

President Goodluck Jonathan won at the polls in April 2011, and his victory was declared by the court as free and fair.

The President through his Transformation Agenda has brought significant changes to the country including its capital, Abuja. The expansion to ten lanes the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway and the Musa Yaradua Expressway especially has brought much relief to residents and visitors to Abuja.

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