National Conference: North will pull out of Nigeria … threatens Lamido of Adamawa

by Nigerian Mirror

A foremost traditional ruler and delegate to the National Conference, Aliyu Mustapha, has threatened that if people from the other parts of the country push the North to the wall, the region will pull out of Nigeria.

Mr. Mustapha, who is the Lamido of Adamawa, threw caution to the wind Wednesday when he angrily reacted to the ramblings of delegates at the Conference over a disputed voting formula.

Trouble started when some delegates stalled the adoption of the amended Rules of Procedure of the Conference on grounds that a voting procedure was not agreed upon.

Having been denied opportunity to speak during two previous sittings, the first class monarch had taken the floor to strongly warn other delegates to desist from trying the patience of their Northern counterparts.

Mr. Mustapha insisted that some so-called elders who claim to be supporters of the President were about to derail the Conference.

The visibly angry monarch explained that he had been trying to speak on the floor of the Conference during the past three days but was not recognised by the leadership.

He, therefore, used the opportunity to advise delegates to jettison what he described as “so-called Western
Conference,” because such would not do Nigeria any good.

Mr. Mustapha said he was surprised at the behavior of some delegates who were trying to overstep the bounds set by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said, “Some so-called elders who claim to be supporters of the President are causing problems at this Conference.”

This was followed by deafening shouts of “No, no, no, no,” from the delegates who refused to back down even when Kutigi pleaded that the royal father be allowed to speak.

The traditional ruler, who stood his grounds and continued speaking amidst the uproar, warned that the opposing delegates risk Nigeria’s disintegration because of their unruly behavour.

He said that any attempt to push the North to the wall would result in an unpleasant backlash.

The soft-spoken monarch further argued that Adamawa Kingdom transcended Nigeria and Cameroun, adding that his subjects have somewhere to go if the country disintegrated.

He said, “There is a state in Cameroun called Adamawa and if I run to that place, I can easily be assimilated. If you push us to wall, we can easily walk out of this country. Jingoism is not the preserve of anyone.”

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North will pull out of Nigeria NEW
by: Anonymous

The comment by the Lamido of Adamawa that the North will pull out of Nigeria is an old slogan and particularly uncalled for in this conference where national unity is the concern of everyone.
The royal father allowed his guard to drop on suspicions that his inability to be given the floor to speak after making effort for three days was deliberate and a clear evidence of marginalization which is not true. Allusion to a kingdom in Cameroon where he and his subjects could relocate sounds childish and totally unexpected. The Lamido is a highly reverred traditional ruler and much is expected of him towards the preservation of Nigerian unity. You don't solve a problem by running away with your subjects and he owes this nation an apology for such childish vituperations

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