National Contradiction.

by Obuakudeh O David

I am a Nigerian,an advocate of civil justice who is being used as a strategist tool by the federal government of Nigeria,Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited and our women at Servicom in our governments quest to create a digital and knowledge-based economy in the rebranding Nigeria project being master-minded by these government bodies.

But to my greatest dismay i was not made to work in line with the wider government objective of achieving a positive change in our system but have been under victimization by societal ills,i lost my younger brother while being used as an agent of change by our government and have been made captive by mediocrities in the church of God.

I am appealing that this call is a government objective meant for a government table,that there is a focus,mission and vision for this call and i am a degree holder who should have been brought into this call all along even before the innauguration of Nigeria Communications Satellite in 2006.

I am appealing that our National Conference address this misfortunate call on me which i believe has been a development that our government has been researching on and i am supposed to be called on board.

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