nddc Abia state norminee Mr Nwogu

by chika
(abia state)

Nwaogu N nwaogu mr abia state nominee for NDDC

1.He is not an APC card carrying member in ukwa west
2.he is not a graduate and cannot perform the functions required of the job
3.he dose not have any work history and he has no tax payment record and tax clearance to present at the moment what ever he presents now is fake
4.he is a polygamist who spends his day playing draft and staking money he is not productive
5.due process was not fellowed in his nomination, the authority's must find out the credible candidates short listed for such position within the presidency and present them to avoid embarrassments
5.Buhari government is based on merit not god father nwaogu N.nwaogu was presented by one mr ikechi emenike as a nominee who is not from ukwa west, mr emenike who has a governship ambition for 2019 under the APC want to use mr nwaogu to get funds to finance his election
7.ukwa west people has suffered miss representation and this has to be corrected by this government nwaogu who's sales chippings ,sand as a profession was once a chairman of the association based in uzoaku ukwa west was strike off from the association due to non payment and defrauding of fellow chipping dealers and he has refused to pay pay back this people up to till today such a person does not the integrity to become an NDDC board member

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Nna N Nwogu is the man who God appointed abs we want him NEW
by: Nwosu Nelson Ngozika

It is unfortunate that most people wallope seriously in greed and in total ignorance, have they not had from the scripture that whom God chooses to bless,he blesses ,not by qualification but by Gods aprroval if he wants you to keep off because you evil guys and enemies of progress of Gods appointed .Nna N Nwogu is the man who God has chosen and theirs nothing anybody can do about it. Im Nwosu Ngozika Nelson, a legitimate son of ASA And Ukwa ....

Re-Chika NEW
by: Obum

Hello Mr Chika,
It is not enough to write against people whom God has choose to bless. We have verified your claims and found out that you are simply and enemy of progress, whose primary objective is to gossip to earn a living. Nwaogu N. Nwaogu has been a member of ANPP and is currently a member of APC in Ukwa West contrary to your ascertion. Before now, we have had so many graduates who had occupied NDDC office in that capacity and did perform as well. And l stand say without mincing words that I know an a former NDDC commissioner who is not a university graduate and was sworn into the office. Therefore, one does not have to be a graduate to possess leadership qualities.
However, a little time from now will prove you wrong.
Thank you.

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