Newton Park Hotel

This is a brand NEW hotel off IBB in Abuja, and must be a well kept secret because there were only a few people staying there when we arrived and the rate was 50% off!!!!

If you love Marble, then this is the place for you--it is everywhere....shiny shiny and new bathroom appliances (for the finicky hotel stayer), big comfy beds, cute furniture, and a cute elevator (although we got stuck in it on day 1 and vowed always to use the marble steps instead)....

The bar and restaurant are cool, there's a nice empty pool and gym, and like we said, everything is NEW so you can't complain....

Nothing is in walking distance so you have to taxi it everywhere.....but that's the only drawback....

Sooooo, we highly recommend Newton!! Happy Staying!!

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most people that invest in them lose their money