NigeriaAt55: Abuja Celebrates Jabi Style

by Naija.Com

As the country turns 55, the nation’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, was not left out in the fun. Many people came out to celebrate with their families and loved ones.

On this beautiful day, editors went out to capture a few of the moments at Jabi Lake, Abuja. We also spoke to some Nigerians who came out to celebrate the country’s anniversary.

Onyekwere Chibueze from Abia state, who came out to enjoy the birthday of the country, said:

“I came out to have some fun, meet some friends. Despite the few lapses the country is having, we don’t have to pass judgement because we are still part and parcel of the country.

“Another thing we should pray to God is to pray the good works of some of our people manifest positively. The few lapses are in terms of corruption and it is being handled little by little.

“As we have a new president, we don’t expect him to do everything in a day but I believe things will get better as time goes by,“ he said.

Then we met two brothers, Nathaniel and Phillip Friday, who were also enjoying their first time visiting Jabi park.

Phillip said: “I used this opportunity to come and check this place out. We are still growing but I feel things will get better while we need improvement in education and employment creation.”

His sibling, Nathaniel, wants a better Nigeria: “The country is taking one step forward and two steps back. Nigeria is not as good as it should be.

“It was better when I was younger. We are still recovering. Hopefully our step forward will be more than our step backward.

“Abuja is blessed with good roads but there are still places like Pape, Utako, Apo and some other places that need better roads. We also need better electricity but I think security is improving in Nigeria.”

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