Discussing Nigerian Politics in alliance with how can we keep our public office holder accountable to the people. Firstly, a public office holder is the person who may be see as personnel officer that is capable of managing both office materials and people working with him in the office. A person who is capable handling,managing and organizing the people not only in his office but also outside his public office holding. Through this ways of leadership in his public office,one can simply say that, he or she is accepted and accountable to the people. He or She much capable of discharging his or her duty appropriately to bring sanitary to the rules of conduct in the working place. Secondly, a public office holder must be a person who is capable of leading by-example in all aspect of his working life to enable him or her to foster his managing fame working style to the expected results. His or Her attitude towards to the people in the office must be creditable and accountable to the people. He or She must be the person who is ready to discharge services to the benefit of humanity not his or her pocket. By so doing this, Nigeria will be better place for everybody. Finally, Nigerian Politics will not become important and interesting if public office holders in Nigeria fail to discharge their duties appropriately and adequately to drive our economy. These effective contributions in good management in our public office will help in building our nation well. Therefore, our public office holders must ready to render services to make Nigeria a better place for all


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Jan 08, 2014
first step to develoment NEW
by: collins

The first step to true development in any nation is for the government to identify all his people [i.d card]. This will act as a guide in developmental processes.this affect governing positively. It is always dificult for me to say that nigeria, after five decades of independence we still cary out population census before we know our population figuer. most intending leaders always think of how much he is going to enrich him self during his tenue. That is why i always say that the true governers are yet to come in nigeria . That is why we must continue to pray for God intervention.

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