No Ebola in Abuja, Nigerian government says

by Premuim Times

The Federal Ministry of Health on Tuesday declared that all the suspected Ebola cases in Abuja have tested negative.

Dan Nwomeh, the spokesperson of the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, told PREMIUM TIMES there were no cases of the dreaded disease in Nigeria’s capital city.
“All suspected Abuja cases have so far tested negative,” Mr. Nwomeh said.
Since Friday, the social media have been agog with claims that a Liberian man who came for a United States Agency for International Development conference vomited and collapsed at the Nicon Luxury hotel.
People were said to have evacuated the area for fear that the man carried the deadly Ebola Virus, EVD.
However, Mr. Nwomeh said there was no cause for alarm.
The Minister of Health stated on Monday that, so far, 17 EVD cases were confirmed in Nigeria, including the index case. He said the total number managed in Lagos was 14, seven were discharged. The number of deaths so far in Lagos is five while two patients are currently on isolation.
He noted that one person died from the disease in Port Harcourt; that is the doctor that treated a secondary contact of the index case, Patrick Sawyer. One patient is currently receiving treatment there, while another has fully recovered.
He said the total number of survivors in Nigeria as of Monday was 11 and total number of deaths, six.

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