by Kapil, Lagos

Omnibiz is a Saas solution that helps businesses improve their customer experience by helping them manage their online presence across various social media platforms, track the performance of their sales team, inventory and invoicing, ALL in ONE place. Our Solutions are,

1. CRM Software
2. Online Presence Management ( Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Vconnect, Linkedin listing)
3. Order Management Software
4. Contact Management Software

A Lagos based tech start-up that provides a holistic growth solution to SMEs across Sub-Saharan Africa has officially launched its new platform, Omnibiz, in 8 countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Omnibiz is a one-stop business hub for SMEs across sub-Saharan Africa. This platform empowers businesses with tools that they can use to enhance their reliability, visibility, and financial capability. Omnibiz aims to facilitate the growth journey of SMEs on the continent by preparing them for the funding processes of various investment institutions. Data has shown that the lack of visibility and credibility have been crucial factors for companies in Africa in the case of accessing funding. This has led to millions of SMEs going out of business within a few months after beginning operations as highlighted by the London Stock Exchange Africa advisory group.

Omnibiz was actualized by Deepankar Rustagi, founder of – Africa’s leading online services marketplace. During the launch, Deepankar expressed that “Omnibiz was born out of the need for us to holistically tackle the unique problems businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa face, going beyond just connecting them to customers looking for their services. This launch also signals our strong commitment to being an enabler of businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa and our partnership with Google My Business is another step to enable businesses on the continent to be more visible to customers.”

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