by Martins JP, Zone 4, FCT,Abuja

Tertin Nigeria is the leading Supplier of high quality Construction, Industrial, and Farming Machines & Equipment in Nigeria.

We strive to empower our customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively by offering high quality products and competitive price to all our clients, while also ensuring excellent customer relationship. We think along with you and go further than any other organisation to take care of your business needs.

We provide services such as: Corporate Promotional sales, Products and Services advertisement, Manufacturers’ Representative, Marketing and Sales, Brand development and advertisement, Supplies and General Contracts.

1. Mission:

Our mission is to be the largest supplier of quality machine tools and services in the Industrial, Construction and Agricultural sectors in Nigeria.

2. Objective:

We aim to streamline the process of buying power tools via timely and cost cutting measures to ensure customer satisfaction

3. Strategy:

Good quality and Best pricing

4. Tactics:

Market visibility as well as being the 1st port of call for Machine tools and equipment in Nigeria.

5. Industrial Machinery

We supply hardware and hand held power tools for various Industries namely:

Manufacturing, Mining, Telecoms, Construction & Oil and Gas

6. Health & Safety

For all your Health and Safety personal equipment including Goggles, Steel toe boots, Gloves, Overalls, Lighting Welding belts, Hard hats, Masks, etc

7. Construction

For all your Construction equipment needs, we assess your project and proffer the best quality equipment with the best prices in the market.

8. Agriculture

Our range of Agricultural equipment ensures that mechanized farming is cheaper, effective and more affordable to the farmers in Nigeria.

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