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What if i showed you how to earn mega dollars from PURE DIAMOND? Business where you can earn weekly WITHOUT REFERRALS and with less stress than any other businesses you have already done or currently doing, will you like to know more about it?

1ST QUESTION : What is PayDiamond?
PayDiamond is one of the leading online home business everyone can do on your mobile phone or laptop at home. The company deals in buying and selling of Diamond and its International Headquarters is at Two Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central Honk Kong.

There are 3Ps you look out for in any business; 
1st P  — The People
2nd P— The Product and
3rd P — The Profit.
All these are properly situated in PayDiamond.  The business is led by Carlos Luiz who is an economist and systems engineer with over 26years of experience  in distribution. He also acted as Commercial Director for a Japanese  Multinational,  the Marketing Director for a chinese multinational as well as a consultant for a wide variety of companies.

What are the packages you can INVEST in and the amounts?

1. Joy Pack is $200 @375 = N75,000 
2. Light Pack is $400 @375 = N150,000
3. Plus Pack is $1200 @375 = N450,000
4. Master Pack is $3600 @375 = N1,350,000
5. Safe Pack is $18,000 @375 = N6,750,000
NB: The prices of the Diamond packs in naira is determined by the current price of bitcoin to naira. Right now I am using 375 naira to bitcoin. Payment can either be made through BITCOIN or PDCODE (like ewallet or coupon).

How do you sign up?
An existing investor registers and activate your package and you will begin to operate in the structure of that investor that introduced you to the business. In this case me, is your sign on link and can chat with me through WhatsApp on +2347032880844

2ND QUESTION: What makes the company stand out?
PAYDIAMOND pays in 5 Ways:
1. Investors Weekly Earnings
2. Referral Bonus
3. Binary Bonus (Daily Bonus)
4. Monthly Uni-level Bonus
5. Advancement Bonus
WEEKLY EARNINGS for INVESTORS:  You earn 5% of your purchased Pack every week for 50 weeks after the first 30days of sign up. Your weekly bonus is guaranteed for 50weeks… PayDiamond was design in a way that is easy for everybody both the rich and poor, the weak and strong, Networkers and Non networkers.
For example, if you invest in Master Pack of $3600, there is a 30days initial period for your investment to wait and immediately after this, you will begin to earn 5% of your investment which is $180 every week for 50weeks. The pack contract expires at the 50th week and can be renewed if you want.

Take a look at this scenario, If you multiply $180 by 50 weeks, you would have earned $9000 from your investment.
Hence, when you activate any pack automatically you qualify to earn your weekly bonus of 5% of the pack price for 25 or 50 weeks after an initial 30 days waiting period. This money is paid every Monday.

Safe pack ••••••••••  $900 ( ₦337,500) per week
Master Pack ••••••• $180 ( ₦67,500) per week
Plus Pack •••••••••• $60 ( ₦22,500) per week
Light Pack  •••••••••$20 ( ₦7,500) per week
Joy Pack •••••••••••• $10 ( ₦3,750) per week.
This is awesome, isn’t it? PayDiamond Nigeria Is Just the Best way out of this recession.
Note: When you Invest, you have purchased the Raw Diamond, but the Diamond you purchased will be processed within 25weeks. PayDiamond pays you 5% of your investment in cash for that 25 weeks and when your Diamond is ready and you want it, we ship the Diamond Stone to you through DHL.But if you don’t want the Diamond, we pay you for another 25weeks, making a total of 50 weeks. You see, the company sells and everyone wins.
Now PayDiamond does not advertise their company through media platforms such as TV, Billboards, Radio etc. They Prefer
to pay you if you decide to recruit or refer others. (Referal or Recruiting is optional i.e you still earn without referring). Fantastic right?
REFERRAL BONUS: This is10% of the PV attached to the pack the person you refer purchases. For example, if you refer somebody and he purchase a
$18000 pack then you Receive 10% of 5000PV which is $500 instantly.
$3,600 pack then you Receive 10% of 1000PV which is $100 instantly
$1200 pack then you Receive 10% of 300PV which is $30 instantly
$400 pack then you Receive 10% of 100PV which is $10 instantly
$200 pack then you Receive 10% of 50PV which is $5 instantly

Every pack carry’s Point Value (PV) point such as;
Safe……………… 5,000pv

Master…………. 1000pv

Plus………………. 300pv

Light……………….. 100pv

Joy…………………… 50pv

For instance when somebody sign up on your left with Joy pack you have 50pv and another come in on your right with Light pack u have 100 PV
The company will pair the lesser PV from the higher PV and pays you 50% of it in dollars
Based on the above explanation, you stand a chance to earn $25 dollar which is the 50% of the pairing PV. This is on a Daily Basis. Whether you are the one that refers them or not. Hence, the PV is falling in on your Left and Right, the company pairs them and pay you on Daily Basis. Binary bonus is the engine room of the business. You can make up-to $10,000 per week on it If your a diligent type. I am very sure we are all serious and want to make mega money in 2017.
Here you get paid $0.05 every month on number of persons you have in your structure. It doesn’t matter if you only brought in just 2 persons. Remember it's not all your effort, it is a team work.
Rank Advancement Bonus is for every leadership rank. We have 9 ranks in PayDiamond
1. SILVER --3000PV
2. GOLD -- 8000PV
3. PEARL -- 15000PV --$1000
4. RUBY -- 65,000PV -- $3000
5. EMERALD -- 250,000PV -- $16,000
6. DIAMOND -- 750,000PV -- $30,000
7. WHITE DIAMOND -- 2,000,000PV -- $80,000
8. BLACK DIAMOND -- 5,000,000PV -- $500,000
9. DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND -- 100,000,000PV -- $500,000

3RD QUESTION: How to withdraw earnings?

Answer: You can withdraw your money in PayDiamond in 5ways
1. Through Pdcode:- When you have up to $200 in your wallet you can use it to register a new person and collect the cash from him or her. In other words, Pdcode is using your earnings to sign up people and collect cash from them.

2. Wallet Transfer:- You can transfer your wallet to any member and collect cash from him or her….. But on this wallet transfer you must have up-to $300 and you must do your KYC before you can do the wallet transfer.

⁠⁠⁠3. Euro Exchange Master Card :- When you have uploaded your documents you will register with Euroexchange Bank, do all your verifications then u apply for the master card through your page and $80 will be minus from your wallet covering the Master Card fee and shipping fees. Then you can move your money from your wallet to Master card and withdraw it anywhere in the world

4. After you have registered with Euroexchange you can also move your earning from Euroexchange to your Bitcoin wallet

5. Transfer to your Local Bank Account:- Finally You can withdraw your money from Euroexchange to your Local Bank Account

Note: Among this 5 Options you are to choose the one that is best suitable for you…. It all depends on individual choice.

Finally, This business is highly profitable where you earn Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Its up to you!

Use this registration link to get on board the best business ever
Chat with me through WhatsApp on +2347032880844 as soon as you have made up your mind on which package to invest.


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