Piuni international a telecom company

by Ayodele
(Lagos, ketu ,Nigeria )


Telecoms wealth is huge and d industry is one of the largest industries that never succumbs to global recession because the business is built around addiction. A company that revolves around addiction, and around product or service that people keep buying even when they broke, things you never forced to do, yet you keep doing cannot run out of business. The truth is that people are addicted to using phones everyday.
_...Piuni products is built around daily use, for instance we all are addicted to our phones._ ...Even he poor people find every means to recharge
*This company will reward(pay) us for doing ordinarily things we do from time to time, like:*
¶ Top up mobile phones/tablets.
¶ Meet and chat with people
¶ Money transfer Services
¶ Browse the internet
¶ Pay bills for hundreds of services worldwide e.g television subscriptions, Electricity bills, Flight Tickets, Water bills, Healthcare, internet WiFi, Government taxes, Fuel & gas purchase, E-commerce, etc.
*The beauty of this is that this is made available via MLM.*
_It's the BIGGEST EVER in MLM worldwide._

Just like you see *MTN, Facebook, WhatsApp,, Uber, GTB, Quick teller, Wakanow, Orange etc etc etc.* PIUNI is All into one company.

*PIUNI* is in the world fastest growing industry, seeking partners to distribute or sell the unbeatable products, services and business to the world. We are coming up with 57,000 services for the world.

*👌🏽Take Note*
This model of business produced the _*First Ten Richest People*_ in the world today.
...combining for the first time ever, the power of...
*Telecom-Technology, Internet-Technology* and the prosperity power of *Network Marketing system.* 👉🏻All the first ten richest people Leveraged on this models.

Billions of Phone lines on their internet platform to create their 21st century highest money making Cyber-Business platform.

First I'd like to start with the overall concept of the PIUNI business idea...

*Do you remember when...*
*MTN* first came to Nigeria? Becoming a distributor was at first CHEAP! Later it became HUGE amount of money, something around N10 million.

And that distributorship only covers only a particular region of Nigeria, you go beyond.

Now imagine you also wanted to be a distributor for *GLOBACOM*, *AIRTEL* and *ETISALAT*....

Imagine how much you need to Pay today? Let's say approximately, N50million will cover your distributorship, and that will be limited to a defined location.

*👍Here is another opportunity to Share Global Benefits in Telecom*
Starting with a token fee...

PIUNI services are classified into and not limited to.
1) U-top up
2) U-chat
3) U-bill
4) U-pay
5) U-world
6) U-kind
7) U-nit
8) U-skills
9) U-browse
10) U-sim
11) U-Travel
12) U-Food etc.


*1. U-top up* - is a universal mobile topup/Value transfer services, where you have your own platform from where you can generate vouchers and Top up mobile phones across 600 different phone networks in 145 countries. Our system was built for people
in diaspora to send credit home.We leverage on 6 billion people (phones).Note: We have 9companies in the universal mobile topup industry but PIUNI is the only one using multilevel marketing.

*2. U-CHAT* - is a Social platform _(like *whatsapp*)_with functions for chatting. *FREE* calls, video calls, conference call like Skype, give room to been in charged of your secret messages, also you can send and receive money also once you have it.

*3. U-BILL* - on the platform you will be able to pay Bills for hundreds of services anywhere around the world. Credit value that works in all spheres of life.
Tax, Health, Insurance, Taxi, Aviation, Education etc...
*Remember these are transactions!* You still get paid when it happen on your account as affiliate.

*4. U-PAY-* We live in a transactional world, a world of paying and being paid.
Pay for any merchants services... e.g Digital / Cable TV, Groceries... *name it*
*#Over 57,000 Merchants Globally!!!*😱😱😱

*5. U-WORLD* - This will give us access to the world's largest marketplace, where we can sell and buy...

...and every transaction done is a paycheck for you as affiliate.

*6. U KIND* - is Value Transfer Services for humanitarian support.
Your value offered to humanity=Your prosperity=Your Freedom
... *U-KIND-* Is a gift voucher you can send to loved ones anywhere in the world and remember once more, these are all seen as transactions and it is super paycheck for you and everyone else who would see the *PIUNI Vision!*

*7. U-NIT* - Just as we have Facebook and Facebook messenger, so also is *U-nit.* This app give you an opportunity to earn on your social capital activities, you will be paid on the like and traffic that you generate from your post daily!💃💃💃

*8. U-skills* - is a platform where professionals are connected to clients who need their services in their environ.

*9. U BROWSE* - a search engine that will connect you to the world for FREE!.

...Do you know how mozilla, UCbrowser, Opera Mini, Safari, Chrome etc make their money?
....A fraction of your data counts for them each time you and everyone else in the world go online through their platform!😱
...Now *U-BROWSE* has been designed to give you (as an Affiliate of Piuni) same🤗

*10. U-SIM* - one sim that can host multiple networks. _(U.K lines,U.S lines and local lines etc)_ Which means you can be in any part of the world and make or receive calls even with your local line without roaming...

PIUNI business is operated only online for now! And we are in over 143 countries presently.
Remember affiliate get paid for life while people doing the same thing they usually do.


Contact Ayodele om whatsapp +2349063370334 and +2348118876628

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most people that invest in them lose their money