Any business that promises you outrageous returns may be a Ponzi scheme or fraud. Business is basically exchange of values, the payment you receive is a reward for the value you give. When you are disposed to receive rewards without offering any value, you are prone to be defrauded.

When people ask you to invest your money with some promises of great rewards within a short time, ask some questions;

·         How are they making the money they will pay you?

·         What value does the business create?

·         What is their track record?

·         If the business is real why are they not getting funding from financial institutions who have the capacity to verify their claims?

·         If they are a charity organization why are they asking for the little you have first?

BEWARE! Ponzi schemes benefit only the operators and few others whom the use as baits to attract more people, MOST people who invest in Ponzi schemes lose their money.

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most people that invest in them lose their money