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by Mr peter

Are you organizing an event anywhere in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria? Make it light-up with eye-catching roll-up and flying banners. Roll-up Banners are portable exhibition display units that are designed to carry an eye catching graphic. A banner stand is ideal for use at exhibitions, conferences, church programmes, retail outlets or in any public building. We can take care of the design, production, printing and setup of the stand or backdrop you require. We both sale and rent roll up banners and stands and other exhibition materials. When it comes to roll up banner stand price in Nigeria, we offer cheapest rate and best quality.

They are supposed to be indoors but some roll up/ flying banners are outdoor. The cost for roll up banners in Nigeria is determined by the size, quality of material used and the type of base used while the pricing for the flying banner is determined by the size. Before you contract someone to design and print your roll-up banner in Lagos , make sure you match these three criteria over the different prices that will be given to you.
Size: The standard roll up banner size is 3x7 feet approximately. There can be other sizes anyway
Quality of material used: Many people use flex but solithe is a better material but slightly more expensive
Type of base: There are 2 types of roll up banner stand that includes the flat base roll up banner stand which is usually more expensive than the small/slim base stand

call mr peter to book your roll up and flying banners on 08130122561 thanks mr peter

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most people that invest in them lose their money