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by mr peter

freelance Typing Service

After about 6 years of active research service & 3 years of participatory academic research service HERE , we have decided to introduce Nigeria's first online typesetting service!

If you need your theses, conference papers, novels, or books TYPED (or/and printed at A4 size), then you are on the right thread.

Ideally, you could be aiming at days or months to type your work, and that inefficient utilization of fuel (@N145/litre), incessant power supply, and of course, time is certainly not conducive.

With professional Freelance-Typing Service, we focus on every paper that comes to us. Beyond the ASDF JKL; Mavis Beacon arrangement, typing requires special skills, hence, we have arranged a unique team across different locations for this purpose.

We give no room for excuses or mistakes even as we strive to produce the best formats at the lowest prices ever with 100% confidentiality (i.e., your documents would NOT be reproduced, used, or kept for any unauthorized purpose as seen in some conventional centers).

People, associations or organizations searching for quality papers cannot afford missing our offer. This is the best and the most affordable anywhere in the world!

Below is an outline of our offers:

Academic (Project) Typing only from: N100/ 1 page.

Academic (Project) Typing with Printing from: N150/ page.

Academic (Project) Printing only from: N50/ 1 page.

Conference Papers & other Non-academic Typing from: N100/ 1 page.

(N.B Significant cost reduction applies to larger papers)

Delivery services (on printed papers) only available at central locations within Lagos state for documents above 70 pages. Non-printed papers would be delivered through email

Do you have other special needs (e.g. flyers, banners, calendar, leaflet,plastic ld card,corel draw graphics,business card,invoice etc) call me on 08130122561 or add me on whatsapp 081301225461 or email me at thanks God bless you all.

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